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Big $2.20 Deep river spot

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  • Big $2.20 Deep river spot

    Villain was a stereotypical **deleted inappropriate comment JWK24**who had made a few suspect plays. Preflop I could have raised but decided to see a flop and keep the pot small out of position. I put him on a worse 2 pair at the river, could I really fold it?
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    In the end I thought he has like K9. You raised him strongly (he needed atleast 30% of hand equity) and he called it. Can we see him playing like this with a set of 5s? With set of 5s I expect him to reraise here. Maybe. Super strange play by him with 67. Make a note about this... Lets wait for HA analysis

    Today I played cash game (0.01/0.02) **deleted inappropriate comment JWK24**with 90% preflop hand range.
    For example: if I am raising from UTG with pocket 10s 5xBB he calls from BB with 93of, 53of and so on Just made a note on him.
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      Hi DonkeyJez! With A5 in the BB, especially if I think that the button can be light, I'm going to make a standard preflop raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper (6300) as I should be ahead of the limper's range. I flop two pair on a wet board and I need to make a standard value bet of 1/2 pot (3263). I do not want to check and risk giving the opp a free card to a flush or straight draw. As played, if going for a check/raise, I need to raise by 1/2 pot (to 5963). The reason for this is that any smaller raise can price in the draws that the opp could have. One way or another, I need to make the opp have a -EV play to draw at me. The turn brings even more draws and here, I'm once again going to make a standard 1/2 pot value bet (8663). On the river, if the opp had called three bets from me, I'm going to check the river and hope to get to showdown. As played, the raise sizing here to me is very troublesome. This opp has been passive and either min-bet or called every street and is now making a non-min raise. Without a read on the opp where they're known to bluff the river, the sizing of this bet is a big red flag for me and since I have the lowest two-pair with an ace, I'm going to fold to this raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Sorry jwk24, my comment wasn't meant to be offensive. I didn't have a very big sample to include stats.
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          I think for any weaker player who is limping on the button, it is fair to say he isn't balancing his btn limp range with his premiums, or even QQ/JJ/TT

          So I would be calling this raise on the river most of the time, imo. against villains who can raise on a busted draw (albiet the raise was too small to have an effect - you'd need to jam river).

          I think in the long run against these types of players who stick around to the river and make 2 pair with holdings like K5/K8/K9.. or even holds unders to a AK high flop against the BB's random 2... it is profitable. Only a 6 card combo makes the nuts here, with 7d6d/7c6c being remotely feasible to stick around. So for villain's unbalanced range, we have the nuts, and would be jamming river here.

          But when we don't jam, in this spot we need to call these raises some of the time against a player with an unbalanced limp range imo.

          If he did have a balanced limp range, then the line villain takes is extremely strong, and folding to a raise on the river is easy. Even yet I would even check/fold here instead, after he calls a flop xr, and calls the turn.
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