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The Big Bang my (bad) hero call FT Hand1.

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  • The Big Bang my (bad) hero call FT Hand1.

    Bigblind = $ 7.000 Ante = $ 700

    BB: chips:115784
    UTG: chips:94757
    CO: chips:160677
    Hero (BTN): chips:158542
    SB: chips:493240

    Pre Flop: (t14000) Hero is BTN with Js Td 2 folds, Hero raises to 14000, SB calls 10500, 1 fold

    Flop: (pot 38500) 9s Ts Kh (2 players)
    SB checks, Hero bets 14567, SB raises to 29134, Hero calls 14567

    Turn: (pot 96768) 7h (2 players)
    SB bets 35000, Hero calls 35000

    River: (pot 166768) 2d (2 players)
    SB bets 91000, Hero calls 79708 all in

    To see this visually:

    My thougtprocess:

    I can assume he raises premium hands preflop, as I've seen him do that before. He also loves to call with a fairly wide range against me. Secondly I know he loves to click it back as a min raise. He does it very frequently with many cards however I don't know whether its top pair, bluff, semibluff. But as he does that quite frequently the call on the flop seems very obvious for me concidering the price, 2nd pair, gutshot and fairly decent backdoor flush/blocker flush.

    The turn comes a 7 of hearts. He decides to bet again for 1/3th pot. I am still conviced this is a rather easy call for me. The 7h might have opened hit BDflush, an 8 he might hold.
    So basicly I put his range:
    KQ, KJ, K10, K9, JQ, 10Q, 9T, 89 => combinations that beat me.
    but also All suited connectors and gappers. In spades pretty much all, and hearts 1pair + BD flushes.
    Also worse pairs than mine.
    So I can still beat a big part of his range, concidernig stone cold bluffs are also in his range.

    The river brings the 2d. A complete blank. He puts me all in with a 1/2th pot size bet.

    Here I went into a tank really analysing and thinking. Do I beat enough to justify a call here? Theoretically on this river I have to call down when I call the turn. But pulling that trigger isn't that easy concidering it is the FT and all other players are shortstacked aswell then.
    I also took into concideration he would apply extra pressure as he was a huge chipleader and abuses the payoutstructure to force folds. (I did also)

    But this was my thought. Well I can fold and play 5handed a 10BB and probably end 5th or 4th if lucky higher. I really distantiated my from the payout structure and decided to play for the win.
    Calling here gave me the chiplead with him and probably even the win.
    However folding cripples me with the monster stack to my left. This would mean I'd only have a few hands to go all in with and a caller to my left. I really did not want to gamble it out then and decided to call and go for the win.

    Also something really nice I'm proud of right before perssing call. I forced myself to smile and be happy. A focus of mine that ady was to master my state at all times. So if I would bust I would be happy and not dissapointed.
    I also was from the bubble on thinking. This is my tournament I'm going to win. It payed off!

    Luckely for me he had a worse pair.

    In later hands we clashed various times again, where he used the minraise again.

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    As you told me just before the FT... 'I play for the win'! Nice to read your thought process, don't know if I could have done the same. Luckily your pair held up. GG m8!!


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      I only saw the river play (and your timebanking!) live, and was really surprised to see your hand at showdown. I was even more surprised that it was good! I expect the commentary team for the final table had a lot to say about this one. I was just thinking "WOW! He must have made a soul read." It may have been a "bad" call, but it certainly set you up for the win. umbup: Without a solid read (i.e. knowing exactly what villain has minraised with previously), I fold to the flop check-raise. You might be beating draws, but you could be drawing dead to a chop against the flopped nuts, as QJ is definitely possible, and the minraise is a good way to keep worse hands around.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Sentras! First, thanks for putting in the thought process. The info about the click-backs is very useful information (without it, I'd most likely muck to the flop raise). If I was playing the hand, I'd have made a standard open to 2.2BB instead of a min-raise, but if you're using min's as your standard.. the key is to keep them standard. When the opp checks the flop to me, with second pair and a gutshot draw, I'm definitely going to make a value bet. With one opp in the pot, a standard sizing is 1/2 pot, so I'm going to bet 19250. I really don't want to bet less than this as the board is very wet with draws (straights and flushes) and if the opp is drawing, I want them to have a -EV play to do so. The opp now clicks it back. The read about the opp clicking it back frequently here is a key for me, as it doesn't necessarily mean that they have a K or better. With this information, I'm very happy to call and see the turn. The turn puts more draws out there and completes a straight for J8 and the opp makes a smaller than normal bet. I think your ranging is pretty good here (I'd add a few other combos like J9, TT, 99) and due to the sizing of the bet, I'm weighting it more toward the draws and here's why. As wet as this board is, the opp is not pricing out any of the draws (which I would do in their shoes with any made hand, TP or better). If I'm ahead, then I want to make the opp make a play where they expect to lose chips and this is not done here. However, instead of the river, the turn is where my big decision in the hand needs to be. The opp bets 35k here and calling that bet basically pot-commits me. The opp has now made two bets (flop raise and turn) and neither one has priced out any of the draws... which makes it look to me like he's on a draw. Due to this, if I want to continue in the hand, I need to shove the turn. I want to make the play on the turn for two reasons. First, I don't want to be facing a shove on the river, especially if I didn't improve, as I want the pressure on the opp, not on me. Secondly, for the part of the opp's range that are bluffs with nothing, I will more than double-up without a fight every time that the opp folds (probably won't be much, but will be a % of the time). When the opp does call, I will be about a 60-40 underdog... but with all of this taken into account, it's a +EV shove. Great run in the tourney.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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