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$11 7.5K : TT on BB : 15BB, Final 2 tables : Correct shove?

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  • $11 7.5K : TT on BB : 15BB, Final 2 tables : Correct shove?

    The fact that I have shortys to my left, somewhat affects my ability to steal the blinds + the fact that I'm sandwiched between 2 bigger stacks. Villain Stats: 145 hands 35/35 3bet, 25.0 fold to 3bet 0 Me as viewd by villain: 20/18 3bet, 27.0 Is this an optimal shove here considering my table positioning and stack size? So I've been posting select bustout hands the last few days, specifically, where I'm jamming pre in the final 2 tables. It seems at first glance that, compared to where I do final table, is more likely set prior to the final 2 tables... this is because I've got the stack to move about. I'm more comfortable 30BB+ with 18 left. Where I do push in the final 18, because I'm anywhere around 20BB and bust out due to combinations of flipping/domination/non-FE. I do understand that in this hand, I'm 15BB.. and other reviewed hands posted are 18-23BB. [For me anyway, this landscape is quite different with 180 sngs where it's quite normal with 80% (or majority) of the field will be 10-13BB] Do appreciate the comments contributed so far...
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    I shove there 100 times of 100 You just hit his top hand range, just a cooler.


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      Hi Marc Rae

      With only 15 big blinds left this is a perfect opportunity to shove all in versus villains button raise. Villains full 3x is a little scary and inexperienced players tend to have a little sumthin sumthin when they raise the full 3x, however this is a button raise, we have 15 big blinds, and we are deep!

      Flatting here isn't a foreseeable option, 10's don't play as well as we'd like them to post flop and we're going to be out of position in a bloated pot so the only option we have here is to shove. Folding would be a big, BIG mistake.

      Nice run though! Unlucky and run better next time


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        Thanks for the comments umbup: Yeh, I thought it would be an optimal shove spot. Just wanted to see if there was an argument against pushing. I think sometimes the line of a push/fold spot gets a little grey for me when you get into the slightly higher BB stacks, in the last 2 or 3 tables... compared to say the last 4-7 tables. (non-vacuum)



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