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99 flop open ended

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  • 99 flop open ended

    is this a spot where i should call, i feel to many times im drawing dead to this type of action, but if i call here and win i have a top 5 stack and am set to run deep, is it a good fold and im being a bit results oriented

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    I would make main decision pre-flop depending on big stacks stats, would he just call with a monster or it's weakness to just call short stacks shove? depending on this I would 3bet shove or fold , there's a lot of chips in the pot and I think with 99+ we can profitable shove there. as played I don't think that fold was a mistake just show down oriented


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      Hi milehigh0874! In the future, please include the type of tourney that the hand is from and also any reads on the opponents, especially ones that are in the hand or yet to act. This information is critical in determining what the best course of action will be. Different tourneys and player types require different responses. I had the HH for this hand sent to me and see that it is from a knockout tourney and that information will definitely play into my answer. The information that I wish that I had was a read on player 2, the one that flatted the first shove. Are they playing loose/tight/aggressive/passive? If the opp is loose or is likely to fold to a large raise, then I'm going to shove to try and isolate the two short stacks. If player 2 is extremely tight, then the flat here screams huge hand because they not only are now in for a bounty, they don't care if any opps come into the hand afterwards. With 99 against this one and only one opp type (total nit), I'm mucking and will hardly ever be the case. The one play that I'm not going to do is to call as I do not have the correct odds to setmine against any of the players (there isn't 15x the bet in everyone's stacks). I'm also much more likely to shove here in a bounty tourney, like this one, so that I can be isolated against two bounties and not have someone else that is in the pot that can take them away from me when I have a hand that I can shove with. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) As played, I'm folding the flop.

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