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Multi-way pot - flop set - call all in on turn?

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  • Multi-way pot - flop set - call all in on turn?

    I have 77 in hijack seat and limp behind - seeing the flop multi-way in position. Flop comes 7 high - dream - but wait - there are made str8s /str8 draws / spade flush draws out there. The small blind opens on flop for min bet 40 into 240 is called all round and I raise - getting rid of 1 opponent. So just 4 way on the Kd turn - high card but looks a bit blanky as it doesn't connect with flop. So all draws have missed - 56 is still crushing me - or KK that just hit bigger set. This time SB checks - but next player ships - for pot sized bet (well I did invite the pot to bloat) and next player calls. I have to call & therefore get it all in here don't I? Ed
    Last edited by EdinFreeMan; Wed Jan 08, 2014, 01:16 AM.
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    Easy call for me.

    Draws out there plus TP with the K. I think we win a lot of the time here.


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      1. Its not likely someone has 56 unless these players are fishtype and probably dont care about possition and starting hands.
      2. Its not likely that someone has KK cause most of the time we should see a raise preflop here.

      You hit a set, its a monster here! BUT we also see a wet board full of draws. At this type of board you must play aggressive and make other streets expensive to see, especially agains 4 plrs.

      When K hits on the turn there is no reason for you to be scared. Probably someone (IMO UTG) hit it with Kx but not KK. One of the plrs might have 86s with gutshot or flush draws.

      To sum up, IMO your hand was ahead.

      Good luck!


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        Auto shove


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          Yeah, I go for it too.

          Some of the time you will find a wild hare here with 56, you won't hit a boat, and you will bust. Sometimes you will find a very passive KK to beat you too (most likely NOT the shover though!). More often than not though your 3rd nut hand is still good.

          That is why I go for it.
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            Hi Ed! I think everyone's looking at the wrong street in this one. The key for me here is the flop and there is a very key decision in the hand that everyone's missing. Yes, with 77 preflop, I'm more than happy to limp behind and try to setmine here. I flop top set and get a min-bet and 3 calls. Here is a big key decision in the hand. Yes, I need to raise here to protect against the draws and the key is the sizing of it. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With 4 opps in the pot, a standard bet to price the opps out is a pot-sized bet. Due to this, I need to make a pot-sized raise to 440. If I'm going to bet less than 440, then I might as well just call here as raising to a smaller number, while building a pot, does not help my situation.... and in a league game, I either need to price the opps out when I have a made hand or I need to play conservatively and call, since it's early, with the possibility of losing a large number of league points. Another problem with bloating the pot is that the opps are going to now get the correct odds to call any turn/river bets that I make as their SPR is going to be just about 1 (except for the bigstack that will probably stay due to too many chips in the pot). When playing league games, yes, I want to be more conservative, but the pots that I do play, I want to play aggressively, so I'm raising to 440. Now we get to the turn. With betting 440 on the flop, this now makes my decision a very easy call of the shoves on the turn. Even if they have the straight, I have 10 outs to improve and due to more chips in the pot, I absolutely have the correct pot odds to call. ---- As played, I'm still calling, but it's much closer and a much tougher play. If any of the opps now does have 56, I do NOT have the correct pot odds to call (28.5% vs 10 outs for 20% equity). Granted this is a very small part of their range, and due to that, I'm calling as I will be +EV against their entire range. When playing hands, I want my bets and thoughts in the hand to make my decisions easier, not harder. By making the best decision on the flop raise (raise to price the opps out), this makes my turn decision a very easy one. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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