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25c 45 mtt tournaments

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  • 25c 45 mtt tournaments

    So, It's the second tournament I play and I get kicked out in 9th place 2 places from the money. 1st with this hand: 2nd with this one: Should I play more agressive before I get to the final table? before I got the pair I was dealt a few Qxs but I thought they were not good enough to go for an allin. Once I got the pair I was quite comfortable just to see that the big blind had a bigger pair. Is this just bad beats? After how many tournaments should I have enough stats that allow me to make a accurate ROI chart or something like that?

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    I think u played good the first hand, i would played the same...u just didnt had luck.


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      In the first hand youre raising with QJ out of position, never a great move IMHO. The second hand is ok again IMHO but many better players would play it differently.
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        The 2nd hand is pretty standard, but you usually cant wait that much with a shove.

        1st hand:

        preflop: You have 30BB, and with QJo oop i usually just call here and see the flop.
        flop: i may bet a little less, cause if you betting that much you force to fold almost all the weaker hands (but i really dont know how ppl calls on this limit), the rest is just unlucky


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          Pretty standard play on first hand, i like the 3-bet, we isolate limper and i like the call on the flop, because he will have straight/flush draws in his range very often. I wouldnt suggest calling QJos if he raises there in SB though, if you have 30 big blinds. If you are deeper or have specific reads on villain, then yes.
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            Concerning second hand, look for better spots earlier, dont just wait for pocket pairs, they dont come around often enough. Around 10 bigs you should be even shoving, even earlier, if you find better spots, pay attention to stacks, position, etc. Do not open trouble hands like Q9,J8,A7 yadda yadda yadda in early positions. Once you get to last two tables and bubble especially, widen you ranges and look for good 3bet steal spots if villains get out of line. One thing you will notice is that like you get to 5 or 6 handed play, villains dont change their ranges accordingly so you can take advantage of it and steal blinds almost every orbit, this will keep your stack up. Even if you see flop, you can often take it down with cbets. Dont forget to tighten ranges once again, when you get to the final table, unless you have critically low stack.
            Just watch videos and attend live lessons here @ pokerschool and you will do just fine. ROI depends, some says its 1000 games, some its 100000, i dont know, if you win on regular basis just get enough buy-ins for next level and move up.


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              i'd have call-folded both I think



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