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Shorthanded play

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  • Shorthanded play

    A 45 player SNG, we were down to 3 players, I was the button with 10 BB left, SB had around 20 BB, BB had around 40 BB

    I saw AQs in my hand and shoved, this was a correct shove right?

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    In a word, yes.
    Bracelet Winner


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      How wide exactly should my shoving range be 3handed at 6-12 BBs?


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        Hi Quaquaversal!

        I not only would shove here, but I'd also call a shove with it and it takes a much stronger hand to call a shove.

        For a range, I'd need much more info. What are the pay differences, what are the reads on the opps.. these all need to be factored in.

        Shove ranges will differ based on the number of BB and position at the table too.. what I'd shove at 6BB may not necessarily be a shove at 12BB.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          In a 45-Man SNG, 3rd place = 16.5%, 2nd place = 21.5% and 1st place = 31%

          Therefore I'm much more interested in gunning for first rather than trying to ladder up to 2nd, and I'd like to double up or steal the blinds as soon/often as possible.

          My shoving range here would be pretty wide. Assuming that the villains fold too much (which most villains do), my range would be something like 22+, A2+, K2s+, K8o+, Q5s+, Q8o+, J7s+, JT and suited connectors down to 76s.



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