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sunday storm 88

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  • sunday storm 88

    Is my flop bet sizing about right here on this flop?

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    I dont see anything wrong with you C Betting around 2/3rds of the pot in most cases here. When you bink your set all you are really concerned about is getting action. Normally with this many callers, someone is bound to have connected with this flop enough to find a reason to keep going, especially with the BB short stack flatting the min raise to stay for like 25%+ of his stack total. With even a single caller, your bet sizing makes it pretty easy to get all in OTT, and that is what you'd want - a way to get all in.

    If you can garner more specific info about your opponents perhaps you can find a more exploitative line to take versus them, but lacking that info I see absolutely nothing wrong with betting as you did and expecting you will get paid far more often than not.
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      Nice to see everyone respects your UTG raising range

      I think your CBet OTF is great - I might even be tempted to go a bit bigger.

      If you bet any smaller, you risk giving everybody the right price to call with either up and down straight draws or even gutters if enough people call.

      It sucks that no-one had K9 or a decent Kx that they might've raised


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        Yh i dont think any of these players even know what the positions are, let alone my UTG range. Just finished in 1600 for around $75, pretty decent seen as i don't play tourneys.

        Was card dead all game i didn't pick up AK once and i got KK and QQ once, i think i played pretty decent at the start for playing postflop but as soon as them blinds started going up i was shoving or folding it worked out pretty well seen as i survived doing it for most of the game.

        I think my shove or fold ranges are well off though, i only played it for the promotion i might learn to play mtts at some point when ive finished playing around with cash games, the players seem alot weaker than the players at cash, the only thing i dont like is all this shoving its just pure luck obviously abit of thought goes into when you should be shoving but its still not poker i prefer playing postflop myself.



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