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$1.5 6-max SNG

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  • $1.5 6-max SNG

    Not sure what to do here but his re-raising me on the turn got me scared so i decided to fold and prevent further damage. What would be your action and why?

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    If they're nitty, good fold. Otherwise I call the min-raise.


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      This is a tough spot. Especially as I assume you have no reads on the opponent if it's the first level of the tournament.

      I like your play and sizing on all streets until the dreaded turn minraise. The Beluga Theorem states that if you are faced with a raise on the turn, you should re-evaluate the strength of your one pair hand.

      This is a rainbow flop with very few draws that could call a flop bet, so you're in a Way Ahead/Way Behind situation as he's either got 2 pair+ that is crushing you or complete air. He might also do this with a worse Kx but I doubt it.

      I think most of the time, villain is doing this with a set. Your big problem is that if you call, you're very likely going to face a river bet/shove. What do you do then? Even if you spike an A or a K, are you really happy to put your tournament life on the line?

      Therefore I think you made a very disciplined and good fold.


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        He is passive when he hit nothing on the board and keeps on calling if he hit something especially top pair even if he has poor kicker. This is the only hand where he have shown agression during the turn. He is loose limping with Kx or Ax. So his action actually surprises me. Would a re-raise on my part be reasonable or better than calling?


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          Think I'm calling here and evaluating the river.

          With no extra info I tend to give my opponents respect but I also know that players can and do play anything so there's still a good chance I'm ahead. Loose passives love suited Kings so I don't think we should give up so easily.

          Think my line here is call the min raise and call a small bet on river otherwise fold. A 3 bet won't work. He has a strong part of this hand and won't be giving it up. Better let him take the initiative and try and see the river as cheap as possible.
          Bracelet Winner


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            shove and evil: when he flips over his KQ/KJ sooooooted



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