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15$ 27men SNG

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  • 15$ 27men SNG

    Hey, guys That hand made me really think later... Whether it was good and logical play or was I just very lucky not to be called? It just didn´t feel right later thinking about it.

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    No reads on villain!


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      ** moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis **
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        After a std c-bet and call on the flop, the king is a great card to represent with a turn barrel.


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          Yes, but what if I get raised on the flop?


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            Hi PokerAmigo77

            I would just fold preflop although if villain is a suuuuuupeer weak player then calling is fine. I have nothing against isolating weak players, in fact it's my favourite thing to do but I believe that this isn't an appropriate spot to do so. The hand isn't strong enough (damned 3 gappers) and we are going to be playing the hand out of position.

            As played I would either shove or fold against villains min raise whilst we have fold equity. At this stage of the hand there is over 500 chips in the pot (half of our stack).

            Now when you check and then call the turn bet we are just hoping that our hand is good and we're also hoping for a safe river card ( there isn't many ) and we also have less than a pot sized bet remaining so if we was to call the turn bet and then check fold to a river bet then we are pretty much owning ourselves.

            The river card is very good for us as no draws got there, there is a possibility of 5x making trips but that's unlikely given the way the hand has played so at this stage I think that either checking or shoving is fine but I would probably be inclined to check to allow villain to carry on with his aggression but because the line we have taken is so weird anyway I think that betting out is fine !

            We shouldn't be taking such high variance spots in the early stages of tournaments, poker is a high variance game as it is. Cheers, Chris.


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              Thank you, everything makes sense now and yes, he was a week player, wouldn´t do it against regs



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