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20FPP - 88 in the SB

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  • 20FPP - 88 in the SB

    I'm lost.

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    Hi IBNash,

    It's the first level of the tourney, so don't forget that you can't win it but your equity can certainly drop to zero in one hand! You should be very cautious and looking to accumulate chips in relatively low-risk spots and not be looking to play big pots without a big hand.

    Preflop I would just limp along. You're OOP and essentially looking to setmine so it's usually best to keep the pot as cheap as possible. Raising just bloats the pot with a tricky hand to play postflop and OOP. Moreover I doubt you're ever going to get many people to fold.

    I agree with the flop CBet although I'd probably make it a bit smaller, around 1/2 pot. Your actual bet size looks pretty strong along with your PFR and I'm not sure you'll often get calls from worse. Moreover you're bloating the pot when you're not yet sure if you want to play for stacks yet.

    I don't like your turn check/call, this just stinks of weakness and looks something like A-high and if your opponent bets you will be in a tough spot. I think you should either keep up the pressure and bet/fold or just check/fold. I'm struggling to put villain on a range, check/calling and going passive seems to leave you on a tough spot OTR. Are you going to lead all-in on most rivers? Are you going to check/call? I have no idea.

    I think the river card is not a great one and I would just check fold. I think you could be up against any of 3x, or Tx. It's true that he might also have PPs lees than 88 or something like A4 or A5, but I'm not willing to risk my tourney life to find out.



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