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25c 90man - AKs in the SB

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  • 25c 90man - AKs in the SB

    Villain 6, 37/0/1 over 54 hands was a chronic limper in the SB and BTN.

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    When opponent calls the c-bet you should be wondering with a paired board, but when he leads the turn you should be pretty sure your hand is no good (baluga theorem). You only have 2 pair on a paired board, and unfortunately, the river card really cost you, since it completed a second best straight.

    Of course, it's easy when you know what happens.

    Bracelet Winner


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      Hi IBNash

      5x'ing it preflop doesn't do us any favours, imo all it does is tempt our opponent to fold which isn't necessarily bad because we are out of position but with a hand as strong as ours I would like to see a flop, 4x is fine.

      I like the cbet and I like your check call on the turn but I strongly dislike your overshove on the river. I would be inclined to either check with the intention of calling a bet or make a small value bet and re-evaluate if we get raised.

      Naked pairs of Aces or even Qx won't call your overshove on this board texture very often at all. I would personally check call a river bet.

      Cheers, Chris.



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