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  • calling shoves-PokerStove

    Need some help with calling ranges when someone shoves.
    For simplicity reasons, i am not going to refer to how many BB, position or payout structure, but lets say someone shoves the following range of hands: 33+, A7s+, AT+, K9s+, KQ, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s. Then, i go to PokerStove and I see that in order to have at least 50% chance of winning when i call, i need to call with the top 14% of hands which is 77+, A8s+, AT+, K9s+, KJ+, QTs+, QJ, JTs
    Now, when I take, lets say, KJo and put it in PokerStove i see that i have 40% equity against the shoving range above
    And here I am lost!
    Should I call with that hand or not?

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    Not enough situational information. Sometimes yes and sometimes (maybe most times) no.


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      Remember that you're playing against a range, not a specific hand.
      KJ is in terrible shape against AK/KQ/KK+ specifically, but it's in fairly good shape against the range 33+, A7s+, AT+, K9s+, KQ, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s.
      That doesn't necessarily mean you should always call with KJ if you put villain on a range you have 40-50% equity against and you have the right pot odds. Particularly when close to or on the bubble, ICM factors mean you need closer to 55-65% equity when calling to increase your tourney EV in the long run. In short, you want to be a favourite against villain's range when you call a shove, not flipping with it.
      A further distillation of the ICM idea is: Shove wider, but call tighter.

      EDIT: Assuming you're not getting a discount in the blinds, then to call/reshove vs someone that's jamming the 15% range you specified, then you probably need a hand in the top 10% of hands to be +EV in a tourney/ICM sense. 77+,A9s+,KTs+,QJs,AJo+,KQo has a little over 54% equity against that 15% range, and you'll note that KJ isn't in this 10% reshove range. In many tourney situations, I'd even fold A9s and KQ if villain told me his exact range, because I might have a higher long term expectation by folding and waiting for a shorty to go busto.
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