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3rd hand JJ

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  • 3rd hand JJ

    Hi I have decided to work on my tournament play a bit this month and try and mix it up with my cash games. Tournament strategy is really new to me so was wondering what peoples thought on this hand. I have ne reads and it’s the 2nd or 3rd hand of the tournament. Post flop I opted to call however would a 3 bet be better? ATF is where I really got stuck. Being out of position I checked but was closed to betting but when V4 puts in a massive over bet im stuck. The way I see it he has ether got pocket 8 or 4’s, or it’s a bluff. I didn’t thing calling was right here to start with and decided to shove or fold and as it was so early I folded. Im really interested to see what the feedback is. Thanks Michael

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    The reason other bets were made at all IMO was because you were so passive they thought they were ahead.

    I feel you have to raise pre and have to bet the flop.


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      Welcome to the world of micro-stake tourneys! You'll nearly always get some people who are willing to get all in in the first few hands with all sorts of garbage so don't give them too much credit.

      What buy-in/format was this tourney?

      I actually disagree with Danutz75. I'm a real nit at heart and especially so in the first few levels of an MTT. You've got to remember in tournaments that the value of chips is non-linear. The 1500 chips you currently have are massively more valuable than V4's 1500 chips that you might win. If you win V4's stack, your equity in the tournament doesn't increase that much. However if you get knocked out, your equity drops to zero.

      If I was playing a higher buy-in where people don't just randomly shove in the first level, I would absolutely 3Bet this for value and to gain the initiative in the hand. However in micros, you are going to get shoved on so often especially after someone opens 5x. Are you going to call the shove? I know I wouldn't. Therefore I don't really want to turn JJ into a bluff and give away 20% of our stack.

      As played I like the check OTF to see what happens. V4 overbets 3x the pot. For the same reasons as explained above, I actually like the fold here, as nitty as that sounds. Nothing about V4's actions has excluded QQ-AA from his range. However of course he still has 99/TT and random AK-AJ hands that he feels like bluffing with.

      The other wildcard factor is that V8 might've hit the board hard - we don't know that yet.

      I'd just fold like you did and keep my stack alive.


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        Thanks for the input its interesting to see the different sides. Sorry I forgot to say it was a $0.10 Turbo with $50 added to the prize pool. I find it frustrating watching player’s increases there stack and when I get a handsome thing like this will happen. I was concerned that I was playing to nity



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