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25c 90 man - Pricing opps in

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  • 25c 90 man - Pricing opps in

    Could I have bet less on the Turn to try to keep Villain 4 in the pot or it's unlikely he'd pay me off OTR? Seemed he had showdown value but felt he wasn't gonna stack off. 7 players on the table with a VPIP over 75%

    Last edited by IBNash; Sat Dec 21, 2013, 04:38 PM.

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    Maybe so but the better question is why would you want to?

    What I mean by this is that with their paltry amount of chips left Villain 4 is never the stack we're focusing on here,Villain's 5 and 7 are.

    We could be up against a flush draw,higher straight draw or even 2 pairs with one or even both of the larger stacks,we don't want to focus on making a small bet to keep Villain 4 around and consequently give Villains 5 and 7 correct odds to call with any draws they may have. If the have such draws or a decently strong made hand like TPTK for instance we also want to be trying to get them to pay us off as handsomely as possible NOW,before a blank comes on the river,or worse yet they get there after we priced their call in with our weak turn bet.

    Look at how this hand itself played out...the 9 was a dream card for us,BUT if we bet smaller on the turn and correspondingly our river bet is smaller than what we actually made here,we may not stack the villain here. That's punting tons of value. And for what,chasing the wrong target?

    Besides,in a .25 game you'll run into a "screw it" call from a player as short as Villain 4 as often as you'll see them lay it down anyway. They have ANY piece of this flop and they're going to go with most times.

    Getting Villain 4's few remaining chips is sauce for the goose here,NOT the main course.Focus on making the proper plays against the stacks that can really affect our fortunes,which in this case was Villain's 5 and 7.


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      HI IBNash,

      V7 definitely took some strange lines this hand which makes him seem like a recreational player, but I don't know if you had figured this out yet before the hand started.

      I like the call on the flop - you're getting great odds and if you hit, your hand will be super disguised.

      I also like the turn lead. If you checked, I'm not really convinced other people would start betting so you might miss a street of value. Moxie Pip is spot on that your focus should be on V5 and V7, not V4. Although having said that I'd just raise to 238 to put V4 all in, it's an easier decision for him if he wants to come along or not.

      The fact V7 calls is interesting. It's hard to believe he has a set, otherwise I'm sure he would've raised here because of the straight and flush draws. I think he'd also raise with two pair for the same reason. Then again some people are slowplay happy.

      Moxie Pip likes the river - when I first saw it I actually thought this was the worst non-spade card that could come out. Villain's stupid limp and minraise OTF with 93 or 95 has now just beaten us. If he was slowplaying 33 or 55, that's now got there.

      Having said that I think you have to lead the river to extract value from his other 9x hands or whatever other hands he felt like calling you with OTT. My approach would be to bet/fold to a shove.

      For this reason when V7 minraises us, I don't know if he's doing this with 9x or a boat. I guess if you think villain will pay us off with just 9x, then shoving is OK (as it turned out this was the case).

      However against most opponents, I would just call this minraise as I'm not sure that villain will turn over worse hands often enough to make a shove profitable.



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