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$2.20r 500cap ft

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  • $2.20r 500cap ft

    villain 3 stats - 27/23 w$sd 0 22 hands this guy had a big stack at the start of the final table and lost all his hands,this can be a wider shove range than normal due to tilt villain 7 stats - 19/14 w$sd 100 22 hands "big stack on a heater" possible wider calling range adjusting to villain 3 another hand a little earlier villain 4 stats - 23/23 40 hands villain 8 stats - 37/32 15%3bet(but didn't isolate) 42 hands borderline lag/maniac with spewy plays I felt real sick after both these hands
    Bracelet Winner

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    both spots are so borderline and so tough, I guess with the 7s you're still a long way behind every other chip stack so might have been worth going for it.


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      I would fold 77 , but would go with AJ, you are ahead to both's range there . because of stats given


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        Hi DonkeyJez.

        I think the 77 hand is a good fold. Even against V3's shove by itself, I would probably still fold, but it's borderline.

        Low-medium pocket pairs play badly in multi-way all in pots, because there are typically more overcards that you have to dodge. V3 might decide to shove KQ and be called by V7's AJ. If either of them has an overpair, you're even more in trouble!

        In the 2nd hand, your M number is a bit over 5, so you're not in desperation mode yet. Again this is a similar story to the first hand - you typically need a really strong hand, QQ+, AK in order to be comfortable facing multiple all-ins in front of you.

        You might be ahead of their individual ranges, but you have to consider them as a tag team trying to knock you out. You don't care who beats you but if either of them beat you, you're either crippled or out. Against their specific hands, you're only 31% to win the hand - getting it in as a 70/30 dog is not a good idea!

        FWIW, I would call vs both shoves if the other player wasn't involved. If you're interested learning more about these sorts of things I'd highly recommend getting "Kill Everyone" by Lee Nelson et al. It gives allsorts of shoving/calling ranges at different spots in a tournament vs different stack sizes.



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