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25c 90man - Pocket 2s vs Juanda

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  • 25c 90man - Pocket 2s vs Juanda

    Unsure if I got all the value one could. Table had chronic limpers and calling stations.

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    I don't really like open-limping in early position, as there's likely to be some raises behind me that I can't call, so I'll usually just fold. As played, I like betting out on the flop to get value from 5x and overpairs, but why did you check the turn?
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      Yep, too marginal, the intention was to fold to a raise. Opps wouldn't call a half pot bet on the turn.


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        Hi IBNash, Preflop - I'm a bit indifferent about the open-limp. I never open-limp myself but I've seen some good tourney players recommend doing it on occasion, particularly when you have a table of recreational players. As it turns out, you got exactly what you wanted, a fully limped pot and you flop the second nuts umbup: FWIW I think you should probably call if someone raises as you're getting good implied odds because everybody is pretty deep stacked. Flop - You did a very good job in betting this flop. A lot of people would advocate slow-playing, but you need to try and build up a pot and win someone's full stack. You will get action from 5x, overpairs and stuff like 43, A3, A4, maybe even two overcards might call for one street. I would have probably made the bet slightly bigger but you got four callers so I can't really argue with that Turn - The 6 should be a good card for us, as 43 just got there. Of course 65 and 66 also got there, but you could say that about any turn or river card. For the same reasons you bet the flop, I think you should always be betting this turn. With four callers, it's likely one of them has a 5, and they are the one that we are going to win the most chips from. A 5 is never folding no matter how big we size our bets. So not betting here is missing clear value. As played, I don't mind calling the bet but I think we get much more value by raising. If you make it 400, this sets up a pot of at least 1200 with any villain who calls having only 800 behind, so we can comfortably get it all in over the river. River - What a card! Anyone who has a 5 thinks they've now got the nuts. I'd just shove this river as you're guaranteed to get called in at least one spot, if not both. As it turns out, V9 finishes off our betting and makes up for the value we missed out on OTT At these levels when you hit a hand the default line should be to just bet, bet, bet to extract the most value you can!


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          Hi span,

          Thank you for the official hand analysis

          Muchos gracias,



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