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AJo calling a shove from a shortstack

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  • AJo calling a shove from a shortstack

    Hello, folks! I was playing a Freeroll today and this was an interesting spot that I found myself in with a very aggressive villain. He'd shoved twice on the flop, never got to SD, so I couldn't tell what he had, but then he shoved on me pre-flop this time, and I had more than enough chips to cover him (about 20% of my stack), so I ended up calling. I know from the videos I've watched that stack sizes when you're deciding whether or not to call a shove from a shortstack and that bigger stacks can afford to make looser calls when they don't have to commit too much of their stacks trying to bust a player out. I was wondering, what do you think of the call? Was I doing the right thing or was I out of line? Thanks!

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    To be honest I would not even play that hand.
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      I think I'd fold at both opportunities to do so. AJ isn't beating anything, unless this guy is really bad enough to ship 32bb vs UTG with something like ATs.
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        I think that raising from UTG with AJo is a bit loose but I think an OK play if you're looking to be the big stack bully as no-one particularly wants to play a pot with you.

        If you're going to raise, I would personally raise to 2.5x from early position at this stage of a tournament as it is cheaper for us to fold if one of the medium stacks shoves, but that's just my preference.

        I think facing the shove is a clear fold. When people shove for such a big amount, it's nearly always with some medium pocket pair (say 66-JJ) and they don't want to see a flop. You've also got to bear in mind that he is shoving with a lot of people still to act and against an UTG raise.

        I certainly don't think anything that AJ is beating anything that is making this play, you're flipping at best. Like Arty says, shoving 32BB with AT is really bad.


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          Seriously though, AJo just don't do it, there really is no need.

          It will only end in tears.


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            Something we seemed to have all missed here is actually the flaw in the title.

            32 x BB at this stage of a tourney is never a short stack.



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