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$1.5 KO SNG How should I play this?

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  • $1.5 KO SNG How should I play this?

    i posted this on a wrong thread... Opponent is vpip/pfr 62/21 How should I play this? I barrel bet and he keeps on calling then reraised me all in on the river. Should I have just check and fold at some point and reduced the damage early on? I think he has something and i am beat.

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    Just a quick note first about the read you have for villain. Dave Langolier did a video about HUD usage and in there he talks about the MOST IMPORTANT statistic - the number of hands played.

    Because you are only in level 2 of the tournament, you shouldn't read too much into his 62/21. He might well be (or probably is) a really loose player, or he may have just hit a few hands.

    I like the way you play the hand until the turn, both in terms of bet sizing and actions taken.

    The turn card is a very bad card for our hand. Consider the actions you've taken so far and what villain might be calling with. You raise pre-flop from early position and then CBet the flop, both actions show real strength. Villain would likely just call your flop CBet with Qx, 9x, QQ-66, JT, 87, maybe A-high if he is being really stubborn. Don't forget that JT and AJ are much less likely because you have JJ.

    The 9 pairs the board and improves his calling range and worsens the relative strength of our hand. Now Qx is still not going anywhere, 9x has just massively improved, any flopped sets are now boats/quads. Only his bluff-catchers or drawing hands are now made worse. I'd now probably just check/fold. We simply don't have enough chips to start pushing marginal spots and firing multiple barrels with marginal holdings.

    As played the river card makes this even worse. Villain still hasn't gone away and 87 just got there. The river is a clear check/fold - I don't really see any hand that we are beating now. If villain did call down two streets with A-high, he'll probably just check and take it to showdown, although I think this is almost never the case.


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