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$1.10 1000 Cap - QQ Turned Set

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  • $1.10 1000 Cap - QQ Turned Set

    One of my horses, simonrdr played this hand at a recent $1.10 1000 Cap.

    I couldn't decide if he should call the turn shove or not.

    I also feel that his flop CBet was probably sub-optimal, but I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts.

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    LOL Simon posted the same hand as me.

    Mods can you delete this thread?


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      Why are we cbetting?

      I like bet/folding the turn.


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        Okay, so they deleted my post instead, so I will re-write what I wrote earlier about the hand.
        So this is the first hand after being moved tables, so no read on villain, and being 6 handed, this is probably a new table created because of late reg.

        Anyway, we get QQ from EP, we make it 3x, BB calls. Flop is terrible, we cbet small hoping to get small pairs to fold. Turn gives us a set but completes both flush and straight draws. We bet hoping to get called by Ax and Kx that would have called the flop. Villain shoves, we have him covered but we might only have 9 outs to pair the board and give us a boat.

        Was the cbet good? (im not sure)
        Was the turn bet/fold good? Could we have called this with no read on villain?


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          Originally posted by simonrdr View Post
          Flop is terrible, we cbet small hoping to get small pairs to fold.?
          This is a bad reason to cbet. Small pairs only have 2 outs to beat us so there really is no need to bet because the majority of his range has our QQ crushed.

          The turn is dependent on how deep we are. Since we are 75bb+ deep I think it's perfectly fine folding and waiting for a better spot.


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            Obviously you have to check behind flop, since you are not getting value from anything but a flush draw.
            On the turn, we are logically beat by medium-small flushes and rarely JT.
            But it's a shove more than 3x the size of the pot, so that looks very value-ish to me.
            I don't know if villain would ever get out of line there with the Ad or two pair with the Ad, but a call would probably make more sense by their side.
            I believe that's a good fold on the turn.


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              I think I would call his shove and I think he shoves there with AdXx, other made flushes, like JdTd and AdXd, I expect to raise OTF, because these hands have a huge equity OTF. and If he has a made flush (I think it will be not so often) I have outs to full house.


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                I am bumping the thread because I would like the hand to be evaluated


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                  personally in that specific tournament I am calling, villains in the micro tournaments proper over value two pair hands or draws and due to a lack of patience and the belief that rushing will make them money quicker. I think a smaller raise would be likely with a made flush although is a straight is a decent part of his range but I think you are ahead enough of the time here to call, knowing you've got outs if you are behind.


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                    Hi all,

                    I definitely agree that c-betting this flop is not optimal, check behind and be prepared to not really put any more chips in the pot unless we improve or the turn goes c/c and he makes a modest river bet, maybe bluff catching there would be fine.

                    The turn shove is close imo... I would base it on reads. There's no direct villain reads, so all we really know is this is a new table due to late reg. probably (which makes sense with the stacks of P1, 3, 4, 6 and the 3 open seats) and it's a $1 buy in.

                    I am pretty sure we're beat. While players in this field may overvalue 2 pairs, I think we can rule most of those out. AK for instance, very unlikely he didn't 3b pre, didn't raise flop, then decides to check/jam a turn card that is scary to AK. Same for A9/K9, while we don't expect him to 3b A9 pre really, check/call flop (instead of raising) and check/jam a scary turn card doesn't seem likely. AQ/KQ we block pretty hard.

                    I think it's very likely he defended his blind with some suited connectors and has made the flush personally, or ace high straight.

                    The more I think about it, the more I think folding is preferred on this depth of money.
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                      nothing wrong with firing in a c bet imo 6 handed at those stakes, plenty weaker hands will fold, and a few stronger kx's may also.

                      turn is really horrible, happy to check it and see if i hit a miracle on the river, wouldn't invest another chip.
                      Last edited by Danutz75; Sun Dec 22, 2013, 06:10 AM.



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