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KJo folding against a massive raise from a midstack in the final stages

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  • KJo folding against a massive raise from a midstack in the final stages

    Hello, folks! I was a bit confused by this hand. The villain was playing a bit on the loose side, but he was making standard raises in terms of size. All of a sudden he comes in for over 6k when the blinds are 800/1600 and I'm not sure whether that raise indicates he's got a good hand and wants to get value or if he has a marginal / bad hand and doesn't want to be called. I had a pretty OK hand on this spot 5-handed, but because I wasn't sure and wasn't going to risk my chips without a read, I chose to fold and wait for a better spot. Do you think it was a conservative fold on my part or would you have done the same? Thanks in advance!

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    Seems fine. Pretty standard fold tbh.


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      I'm folding here whatever size villain chooses, because KJ plays pretty terribly OOP facing a raise. It would be a closer decision if villain was on the button and was minraising (a 3-bet resteal might be appropriate there) but here a fold seems by far the best option.
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        Hi Max_Kane

        I too am folding this hand regardless of villains raise sizing. Playing hands like KJo out of position can be very tricky and very costly .

        When a villain all of a sudden makes a larger raise than usual it tends to indicate that they have a strong hand imo. It tends to be hands that they don't want to see flops with or are worried about their hand being sucked out on, which by the way is very bad.
        I often see these large raises with medium/high pocket pairs and hands like AQs+.
        Folding here is definitely the smarter option to take.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          Easy fold to any raise.

          Max,poker is a tough,complicated game as it is without us making it even tougher and more complicated needlessly.

          Paying a premium price to play a middling hand like KJo OOP is making the game more tough and complicated.

          Even if villain IS loose and you may be in decent shape against their likely range you are still paying to play this hand OOP here and if you were to flop a K or a J...NOW WHAT? Are we ahead? Are we crushed? We just have no real way of knowing here with a hand like KJo. The fact that they are loose doesn't necessarily mean that we HAVE to get involved in more hands with them,we should still focus on picking spots where we are likely to have a clear edge. If they're loose they're likely to give us those chances. Wait for a better spot.



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