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multi-tabling heads-up sngs

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  • multi-tabling heads-up sngs

    Does anyone have experience doing this? What would be some pointers for playing this way in this format? I would be playing 6 sngs at the same time, all of them giving u 1500 chips with 10 minute blinds and the standard blind increase (10/20, 15/30, 25/50, 50/100, etc.) except for limit holdem, which is 8 minute blinds. I would also be playing nl holdem, limit holdem, and pot limit Omaha hi/lo. I normally only play 2 or 3 tables at once, and they aren't usually headsup games, but im willing to take a risk here b/c I want to start earning (or losing ) money faster and this seems to be the only format I get any real enjoyment out of at the moment.

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    I have some minor experience multitabling hu sngs.
    I think the max number of tables I ever played at the same time though was 5.
    It is really painful and takes a lot of effort into it, not only because you don't get enough seconds to act, but also it is hard to remember how the hand played out on previous streets.
    When I did this I was mostly playing like a bot, bluffing rarely, never thinking about hand ranges and generally playing only my cards.
    And as for mixing up the games, it will bring you headaches, because now you will also have to spend time reading the table title to make sure you aren't betting low on a regular plo high sng.
    I hope I don't discourage you, since I would be very interested to hear how it will go for you.
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      Not quite what you asked for, Ketchup, but I hope you don't mind if I sound a word of warning. I just don't think the plan sounds a good one as stated. By mixing up multiple different games at the same time (assuming thats what you meant), aren't you just adding a level of complication that you could really do without? If you want to play a range of games, why not at least consider playing each for a day(or week) or two before switching? Or find a mixed game that suits your preferences.

      More importantly, if you usually play 2 or 3 tables then going straight to 6 tabling is almost certainly a very -EV move. Especially at heads up, which takes a lot of concentration as the action is nonstop. I haven't played many headsup SnGs but I do multitable STTs and if I end up heads up in more than a couple at a time the concentration needed to keep up with how each opponent is playing and the adjustments to make to each is very intense. I would strongly suggest starting with a maximum of 3 tables (if thats what you are used to, but preferably just one or two), really ironing out your strategy and adjustments, then once you are completely comfortable with that, adding one more table to the mix and seeing how it goes. If all goes well, once you have adjusted to the increased pace, you can eventually add another table, then another, till you reach your optimum level.

      Good luck.


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        Echoing this great post made by myyton!umbup: I've tried mass tabling husngs, it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences playing 10 tables (with mixed games) tiled at once LOOOOL for a few sessions, still ended up ahead though (humble brag). Like all things in life, trial and error is an approach when trying new avenues, then once you have attained a certain level of experience you can start to adjust your attributes and approach. Play an amount of tables simultaneously to where you will not lose focus on game flow and go on auto pilot.. Heads up is not watered down like other formats of poker a prime example being 6max and 9max where you play only a set % of starting hands which is MINIMAL (compared to heads up) from X position versus X dynamic etc... to show a profit in the long run. An optimal amount to be defending your BB with in husngs is 65 to 75bbvpip, just that alone will make things difficult as you will pretty much be involved in every hand and when you are to factor in how often you will be playing your SB 75% to 90% of the time it just compounds situations even more! I know sharkscope leaderboard mid stakes players that can play up to 4 husngs at a time and if they're to add any more games it'll impact their focus and ultimately win rate for the worse. There are small little factors that impact the way in which you will beat your opponent and that is being aware of game flow and being able to observe villain dynamic to adjust and #PWN them. Often you will see that when playing many tables of HU that the inner auto pilot will turn on and some spots that you deem standard to call, raise or check might not actually be the best course of action... I'd suggest playing 1000 games of 3 to 4 tabling to get an idea of your win rate before adding an additional table ('s). Good luck and good decisions, CannonLee
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