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PSO 12 Days NLHE

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  • PSO 12 Days NLHE

    Should I be 3 and 4 betting more? Think I tilted a bit after this, shoved A8o unopened in the SB. I shoved AJo after 3 limpers the hand after, got called by the same genius, with pocket 66 and of course the flop was devoid of AJ.
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    There's 5440 in the pot when the action reaches you. I think I'd make it about 6000 to go. I think shoving generally misses value, and wouldn't do it unless I'm pretty sure villains are bad enough to get it in with hands 77, like one villain did here.
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      Hi IBNash! With KK in the BB, I get a raise to 1920 and a call. I'm going to 3-bet and the key is the sizing of it. My standard for this is to go to between 3X the previous bet (5760) and a pot-sized raise (7360). With multiple opps in the pot, I tend to go toward the higher end of this range, so I'll raise to 7000. I agree with Arty, that shoving loses value in the long run here. A standard 3-bet does not pot-commit anyone plus better opps will fold anything marginal to a large overbet shove.... I'll only get called by real hands, which can beat me. Also, getting a board like this, if the opps are loose, I want to leave myself an out when I see the A on the board, as a loose opp that plays any ace would then beat me. The only times that I want to shove is when I'm pot-committed. Other than that, all that shoving will do is to get me value-owned.. make all the worse hands fold and only better hands will call. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. Against someone that has a maniac image that has shoved three hands in a row... I'm snap-calling with 66.

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