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Is this a shove or a fold?

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  • Is this a shove or a fold?

    So, this was a hand in one of the PSO play money tourneys today. I really just didn't know what to do. If it was just one of the two other players, then I think getting it all in with either of them is probably the right thing to do. If it was just the SB then clearly not folding. If it's just the original raiser, then I think I shove even though he is in early middle position and I think he probably has a real hand. When it's both of them, what is the right thing to do? Thanks

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    Fold. You are either behind or a coin-flip to almost all of their ranges. You can look for better situations as you still have 20 BB.


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      Hi Tyril! With 88 in the BB, I get a min-raise from mid position, then a short-stack shove from the SB. I'm going to re-shove here to try to isolate the SB. The SB should be weaker since they are short-stacked and I'd like to be playing against just them. Worst case, if the other opp calls the shove, the two of them could very easily be counterfeiting each other's outs (ex: AK and AQ, etc). Yes, they could have a better hand than me.. but I'll take my chances here and re-shove. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks for the advice guys umbup: I ended up folding. It seems like a close decision to me, and I didn't feel very happy with either option, lol. Obviously an 8 arrived immediately on the flop to punish me further. I do often seem to get bogged down in the middle part of tourneys. Maybe widening my reshoving range would be something that will help me with this. Looking at the results I think the original raiser in this hand might have a hard time calling off his stack with 99 if I shove after the short stack shoves. Someone with AQ in his position might have a hard time calling off too. Also, I didn't consider the idea that they might hold some of each others outs if they both had big aces.
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