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Off to a Good Start -Fatal

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  • Off to a Good Start -Fatal

    I play a lot of turbo tournaments in the London card rooms that start with about 10,000 chips and have clocks of anything from 15 mins to 25 mins.
    I frequently find that I get off to a good start and may be even double my stack or more and then go card dead and end up being in a position where I have to shove with a half decent hand to try and survive. I must be doing something wrong as I often end up busting out before the money this way. However it is difficult to justify playing hands like 10 7 off suit etc when your natural style is tight aggressive.
    Has anyone else found themselves in this sort of spot and found a way forward to increase the number of times they cash or make the top 3. It is almost as if getting a big stack early is death wish and the worst thing you can have happen!
    Would welcome some thoughts on this please

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    Hi OrdinaryGuy1! The live league that I play in is a 4k starting stack with 20 min levels, so after the first 90 minutes or so, I'm in the same situation. The key to it is to learn more about what BB level I need to start shoving which hands from which position. I'm a TAG too, so I totally understand. I'd recommend doing a google search on push/fold charts or Nash charts. The information that you find should be able to help. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Hi John

      Thanks for that. I will look up the info.

      I guess that what I probably need to do when I get off to a good start is keep the momentum going and to do that I probably have to play some hands that I wouldnt normally play and use my chip stack as leverage to win with them, without a showdown. When I first started playing I read countless books by the pros and now I wish to some extent I hadn't because they all say the same about starting hand ranges etc and the more advanced a player you become the more you realise that that can actually be a handicap. Or at best it leads to mass confusion!




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