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Freeroll bad beat QQ against K7o from loose villain

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  • Freeroll bad beat QQ against K7o from loose villain

    Hey again! I don't really want any hand evaluation, just letting out some of the steam. Villain was doing all kinds of crazy moves and sucking out on people (like calling a shortstack all in with J4s and hitting a flush). She had already doubled me up chasing a flush draw against two-pair, and I thought, I have to make the most of any opportunity I have against her. She would only fold when she didn't hit a hand, which basically means she NEVER folded pre-flop. I got QQ on the button, she raised and I shoved, knowing she'd call. I even thought (I swear): She's gonna call me with worse and then suck out on me somehow. That was what happened. She called me with K7o and rivered a K, so here's my frustration post. Trying to play Freerolls well is PAINFUL, but we must continue to try! Thanks for listening (reading). Take it EZ!

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    Hi Max_Kane! With QQ from the button, I get a min-raise in front of me. I'm going to make a standard 3-bet to 2400 as a standard 3-bet sizing is to between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise. The reason that I don't want to shove is two-fold. First, is that seeing how there are more players to act behind me, if any of these opps are competent players, an overbet shove will value-own me. I'll fold out all worse hands and only get better hands to call. Secondly, QQ is not an invincible hand, especially in a freeroll. Plenty of players will call with any A or any suited cards and I need to see that an A nor K hit the board. Even against just K7, QQ will lose just under 1/3 of the time (27.6%). If another opp stays in the pot, I could actually be the favorite to LOSE the hand with QQ... and that's without an opp having AA or KK. The key here is to standard raise, then check/fold when I see an A on the flop. Yes, this time the opp had a K instead, but the majority of the time, I'm going to be beat on the flop. The only time that I want to shove is when the value bet that I'm making is one that will pot-commit me... when I have to put 1/3 of my remaining chips into the pot. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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