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KQo Early stage 50c 180 man

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  • KQo Early stage 50c 180 man

    No reads on opponents. Any ideas?

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    I think the way you played it is okay, although I might have bet a bit more on the flop and definitely would have shoved the river (which would probably cost us more money in the hand, but I digress). The opponent only check-called you all three streets with top two pair - he never gave any indication that his hand might be strong, and so there was never really a reason to not fire 3 barrels with top pair + 2nd best kicker on an extremely dry board like this (the only conceivable straight any opponent, even the terrible ones, may have is A-4 for a wheel).

    There are two things you should take away from this, though:
    1. It is completely possible that the donkey you were playing against WAS calling with A-4 (although probably not 6-4), and hit runner-runner gutshot. If your stacks were deeper, this would lean me in to bet-fold the river if a bet didn't pot-commit me.
    2. You should DEFINITELY take a note on the opponent that he will check-call top two pair three streets and never raise with it once.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Looks ok.


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        Nothing wrong here. Many trap fish in the nano stakes sea.

        You raise KQ good, c-bet 1/2 pot good - any more you get the 50c buy-in slammed in your face with any monster/set. So a bit of a happy fish now no str8/flush draw gets near you (if they think of your range).

        I like the bigger turn bet it gives the draw in the villain's range a chance. So what you are faced with is a weak passive opponent, who you can never bluff, so they called your river bet happy and safe.

        You could possibly not make your river bet because you will never be called by a worse hand. Because why is the passive villain calling and not raising you?

        No way a passive player will tell you "by a raise" so they just call down to the river. It sucks losing a hand this way. But IMO you played OK.
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          Hi kykkylik

          I like everything up until the river. I think we ought to be either checking the river to induce a bet from a missed draw 'yes there aren't many' or to shove all in as we only have a pot sized bet left.

          The spot is kind of 'meh' but I would expect to have the best hand versus a random player in a 50c game so the only thing I'd have done differently would be to shove the river.

          Thankfully for us villain played the hand very passively xD I hope you came back to win it

          Cheers, Chris.



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