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AKo early stage S&G Jam over the shove +flat?

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  • AKo early stage S&G Jam over the shove +flat?

    Hellow awesome people! Ran into a situation again, not sure if this is too nitty. Had no reads yet, but even if both players were really loose, I doubt I want to risk my tournament life at this point without KK+. What would you guys/gals suggest here? Thanks for watching! <3 Ash P.S Can't get the replayer to work, no clue what I'm doing wrong, all tips r welcome ^^ P.P.S Ok so it does work, just not in the preview lol
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    Hey Ash! With AKo in the hijack, I get 2 limps, a shove and a call of the shove (the call here by this opp makes no sense at all because they're pot-committed). The first question that I'd have.. what type of tourney is this? The reason for it is that it could make a difference in my answer. If this is a league game, I'm insta-folding this. I'd only call with AA and probably muck KK. If this were a cash tourney or even in a freeroll, since AK is much better against only 1 opp and here I'm guaranteed to be in at least a 3-way pot and possibly even more, I'm going to muck. Even if the two are shoving every single hand, if I'm in a 3-way pot against them with AKo, while I will win the most of the 3 of us.. I'm the favorite to LOSE the hand, as I will only win 46% of the time. If the two opps are playing tighter ranges, I will win even less of the time. If more opps get into the hand, this will dramatically decrease my win rate too. This is a great example of a hand where I need to be patient and fold and wait for a better situation. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      This was a $0.50 Turbo S&G, which u pretty much covered. TY! I feel less uptight and more right now lol
      I feel there will indeed be plenty more spots to gather chips later on. tyvm <3

      C u in training,



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        This is a snap fold and an easy ICM decision.

        If we lose, we are out. If we win we will treble up but we are nowhere near the payout stage never mind winning the tournament.

        AKo is a strong hand but don't go broke early in a SnG with it.

        Good fold.
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          Tyvm Ovalman! C u in the Big Bang again? U ran over me last time, this time I'll put up a fight! lol


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            Originally posted by Ashalina77 View Post
            Tyvm Ovalman! C u in the Big Bang again? U ran over me last time, this time I'll put up a fight! lol
            I've been very LAGGY in my Big Bang tourney's but the field has been very tight/ passive. My LAGGY game has always caught up with me in the end
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