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NLHE Freeroll

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  • NLHE Freeroll

    Please have a look on this hand. I had a monster on pre flop and I called all in against the opponent without thinking any further. Then I lost it. Is this all about luck? Is the way I played correct? Or might I want to be more careful with Tourney's?
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    You played correctly imo.

    Only two hands are ahead of you preflop.

    The random opps shoving range in a Freeroll has many more hands you are ahead of than you are behind.

    So calling all day with a premium pair like QQ

    Whats to lose?

    Only one player behind who limped UTG so if they call (not this time) extra chips.

    And you get in heads up v an ace rag - big favourite but will lose to a single overcard frequently.

    In Freerolls you have to take these opportunities - chip up or bust

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      Thank you for the feedback ED. umbup: Yes as you said,.. since there is nothing to loose with a freeroll, these kind of hands should be called to look for a chance.


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        League game...


        Depositor Freeroll...

        Weekly Round 2...

        Doesn't really matter,show me a freeroll and I'll show you a field wherein the vast majority of players in the early stages will stack off with ANY Ace.

        You played it fine,I'm never folding QQ pre in a standard freeroll,league game different story.

        Get ready to see this a lot when you transition to .10,.25 and like cash SNG's and MTT's as well.


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          Hi TimeNow786! With QQ in the BB, I get a limp, then a shove in front of me, unless I have a specific note on a player that they only shove AA/KK (maybe 1 in a million), I'm calling this every time. Even if the opp is extremely tight, say playing a 5% range, I'm a favorite. Against this opp's exact hand, I'm a 70-30 favorite. I'm more than willing to take this, but I have to remember.. I'm going to lose this 30% of the time. It's worth the risk. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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