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$0.25 NL - Folding a full house in the BB

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  • $0.25 NL - Folding a full house in the BB

    Hi, This is a hand from $0.25 NL Hold'em [90 Players] - Level VII (125/250) This was near the bubble. Villain (46/15/3 over 120 hands) notes showed him calling short stacked shoves with A9s/67s and my concern was him slow playing A7s/x7 which he'd limped in on earlier too.
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    Hi IBNash! With K8s in the BB, I get two limps in front of me. I'm more than happy to check here and take a free flop. I flop two pair and when it checks to me, I absolutely need to make a value bet. With 2 opps in the pot, a standard bet is 2/3 pot, so I will bet 600. By checking here, I don't get value for my hand and I also get no information about the opp's range. Since they limped pre, they could have anything. The turn gives me a full house and once again, I need to make a standard value bet of 2/3 pot. If the opp calls both the flop and turn bets, then since I do have showdown value, I'll check the river and hope to get to showdown. Now.. let's look at this from the opp's point of view. Everyone limps pre which says they are all weak or have speculative hands. Everyone checks the flop which says they missed the flop. There is a very weak bet on the turn (which could easily be a bluff.. since the sizing of the bet doesn't make sense). Then on the river, there is another abnormally small bet. With all the broadway cards missing, this is a perfect opportunity to bluff.. as the only way they should get called is by 7x, especially if the opp knows where their fold button is. Also, players with stacks should be calling shorty's shoves with hands with equity, especially near the bubble. If an opp's short and especially if I'm closing the betting, I'd absolutely call with both A9s or 67s. The key here is.. yes, the opp could have a 7 in their range, but without betting for value and making standard bet sizes, I have no clue what I'm up against as I get no information about the opp's hand. Due to this, I have to bet the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I agree with JWK's analysis entirely.

      However I don't think he covered what you should do on the river as played. I would call Villain's shove here - he might sense weakness from you and be making this play with something like 66, 55 or even A-high.


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        His line doesn't make much sense. He limped pre so I doubt he has a pair higher than an 8.

        I'd call off personally.

        Obviously leading the flop is the way to go like others said.


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          As played, snap call, for all the reasons stated ITT.

          If he's got the 7, nh... but he will also be doing this with an 8, and because of the post flop play and our sizings, may also think a smaller pocket is good, or try a bluff.
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            The Hand replay says he showed the Hand.

            What DID he have ?
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