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Flopped royal flush

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  • Flopped royal flush

    Never had a royal flush before, didnt really know how to play this one out, didnt want to scare the guy of with mid/small pocket. Any suggestions

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    I think you should have shove this preflop, so much dead money in middle already. As played i think you should start betting flop, there is way 2 many scary cards to come. Any spade, or K/J might kill action totally if guy has some Ax and you kinda have to start taking value from Ax/bad way to play big pocket and hit set, Qx/Tx aint going to pay anyways so, just try to get it in. Think betting like 450 at flop and depends on turn. If K comes at turn id problably check/bet very small, so maybe guy want to rep J or something and shoves, but if he checks id just shove river and hope for the best.


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      You missed so much value.


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        Hi Miss,

        Firstly I think we should shove preflop in this spot... we start the hand with a 12bb stack and face 2 limpers. V7 is unlikely to have a strong hand, as they started the hand with 9.5bb's and just limped... if they liked their hand enough to play for all 9.5bb's they'd probably be in the middle already. V2 is even more clearly on a weak holding, or they would have raised to isolate the short stack limper and probably simply raise enough to put you both all in given your stack sizes. So in short, I think we have a lot of fold equity to pick up the almost 1K pot without a fight if we shove, and our hand should play well enough if called... like if V7 limp/calls our shove I would expect them to have A-rag or small pockets quite often with that action... so fold equity + hand equity when we do get called (which won't be often) makes shoving a very profitable play.

        Our situation on the flop is kind of poor. I mean, we know we're going to win the pot no matter what, but it's hard to get action on this flop from weak limpers. And then on top of that V2 open folds. I would generally make a small bet hoping V7 limped with a hand like QJ or A-rag (and assuming they are probably passive, and will call with these but not bet themselves if we check to them)... wanting to get value from these hands now before a K, J, or spade come off and scare away any action they might be willing to give. So I would lead for 200-300 here to start the ball rolling. Slow playing generally costs you only because the hands that the villain can give action with can be scared away on a lot of turn cards, and someone passively limping in preflop on this short stack can't be counted on to bet for you.
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