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was this a bad call

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  • was this a bad call did i play this wrong with no reads or notes on opponent

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    Hi Gh0stStr1k3r! With A6o in the SB, it folds to me. I'm going to go ahead and just open-jam and here's why.... I don't want to make a standard raise, as any hand they'll play against me, they'll shove and I want to be the one putting the pressure on the opp, not them putting pressure on me to call. I also do not want to raise to less than a standard raise (3BB) as this just gives the opp the right odds to call or shove with a wider range (more hands will then be +EV against me). The last thing that I want to do is to turn a -EV hand for the opp into a +EV one if they have a marginal hand. If the opp has shown a tendency to fold (doubtful if they're this short this early), then I could raise to 450 and then call any shove by them... but I'd much rather shove first and put the pressure on them. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Stack sizes are key to a spot like this.

      Villain has 7.5BB and he is the effective stack. Because he is so short-stacked, there is no point raising to 2.5BB because if he is going to play his hand, he is going to always play for his entire stack.

      If you have a villain that has less than 10BB, you should make a decision immediately whether to go all in (leveraging the maximum possible fold equity) or fold.

      Therefore you're asking the wrong question when you're asking if the call was good. The decision you should be making is whether A6o is good enough to raise all-in with against a 7.5BB stack.

      The answer to this question is easily YES. Villain will most of the time have complete rags and will fold where we steal the valuable blinds. Furthermore even if villain is ahead, we will always have outs and may even be head of Kx or Qx hands that might call us.


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        Ok thanks for the advice, i guess at the time i was thinking if i made a smaller raise i induce him to shove with weaker hands such as k q kj etc and make it look like he has some fold equity vs me and didnt know if this was correct to do in this spot. next time open ship it is



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