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0.55 750 Gtd regular tourney playing pocket 77

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  • 0.55 750 Gtd regular tourney playing pocket 77

    i had no reads on the players.
    i thought they have big stack and i cant beat them with pocket 7s so decided to just limp. is it ok?
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    yes i think a limp here is the correct way to play in hopes on hitting a set and trying to play for stacks. however if there wasnt a limper before you i think you have to raise from CO 2.5x would be perfectly fine at 75/150 blinds


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      I agree pretty much with yeahboiiii. However I always like to be the aggressor when I can so I would probably just go for the steal regardless despite the limper.

      It means that we don't have to set mine in order to win the hand - a CBet could also do the job.


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        Hi sapines1001! With 77 from the cutoff, I get a limp in front of me. Because the stacks are deep enough to setmine, I've got options here as I can either limp behind to setmine or I can make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper to 600. While I will limp here the majority of the time, I'll also raise 77 here a portion of the time, so that I'm not predictable and the opp can then get a read on me. If I limp small/mid pairs everytime, then the opp will be able to get a read when I hit a set (something that I want to avoid). When I limp to setmine, get three overs on the flop and the opp leads into me, it's an easy fold as the times where I do limp, I'll be looking to play fit/fold on the flop. The exception to this is that if I get a favorable board (hard to do with 77 that doesn't include a 7), then I'd make a standard c-bet if it checked to me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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