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JJ $2r 500cap

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  • JJ $2r 500cap

    really unhappy about this hand, villain stats were pretty normal but 3bet looks very strong. can I fold prelop? can I fold on the flop?
    Bracelet Winner

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    I think this is a fold preflop, you cant call for setmining and 57% of time there is overcard at flop if you think youd shove all the flops where there isnt overcard. If you think of this guys ranges, he has 20bbs i think most of people if had AK in that spot would shove it and therefor im thinking that hes ranges is about QQ+ in this spot( and if you think he has AK/QQ+ you still have only 36% equity). (Villian 3 can also slowplay a strong hand in that spot since there is 3 pretty good shoving stacks behind him.). Sure there is chance this guy is bluffing, but if so and you think he might do this with AK/QQ+, you have to shove preflop. In this case i cant see this guy having enghou bluffs to shove so id fold it pre.


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      Hi Donkey Jez

      I think bungakat has nailed this one on the head. Villains 3bet looks super duuuuper strong. His sizing indicates that he is dying for action. After a raise and a call villain ought to be either shoving or folding his hand so when he decides to 3bet, alarm bells ought to start ringing, and when he 3bets to just 2.5x after your raise has been called then the alarm bells ought to be deafening!

      If we had reads that villain was very loose and very bad then I would consider shoving it all in preflop but if we have evidence that he is a solid player then I think he has the goods everytime (QQ+) so I think it would be best to fold about 90% of the time but don't get me wrong, this is a tricky spot.

      As played, we can't fold on the flop now that we have so much invested. I'd prefer to check/shove rather than bet out. It's very likely that villain will be c betting so just in case we have him beat I think we ought to be giving him the the rpope so he can hang himself.

      Cheers, Chris.
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