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$1.1 MTT FR regular speed

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  • $1.1 MTT FR regular speed

    There was last 100players from 2300. I have no info about him. I bet 2bb because at this stage of MTT betting more does not make any sence as I noticed. If they don't wanna play, the fold to 2bb as well as to 3bb. I put him into any pair 22+ or AK. So I think i was a bit favourite. What do you think about the call? btw what do you also think about the raise? should I rather stick with 3bb? I finished 48th.

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    I like the raise size Preflop - min raising is often the way to go when the blinds start getting big.

    I think the call is actually pretty close - I think you're probably putting him on too wide a range, don't forget that he's seen a raise from Early Position. I think his range is something like 77+, AQ+, and you have a 50.2% equity against this range. Even if you take AQ out of his range, your equity is still 48%.

    Given the pot odds we are getting I would also call like you did.


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      So the range is a little bit smaller probably but it was not a bad call. Thanks for your opinon


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        With 40bb, I think I prefer a 2.5bb open UTG. A minraise could cause calls from players in position, and the last thing you want with TT is to see a multiway flop that will contain overcards more than half the time.

        Villain shoving 14bb vs EP open usually has a big hand. I'd expect something like 99+/AQo+/AJs+. You're not ahead of that range (you have about 45% equity) so I think you can get away sometimes. It's a +chipEV call (pot lays odds that translate to 41% equity required), but I'm not sure it's wise in ICM terms to take what amounts to a breakeven "flip" at this point.
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          Hi Rogger1999

          At this stage of the tournament your raise sizing is fine and raising with the intention to call both player 5 and player 2 ought to be standard.
          We must remember that we are 7 handed so our hand value goes up!

          Taking into account the size of this playerrs stack and the fact that we are 7 handed I would expect villain to have a range like 55+,ATs+,KQs,AJo+77+ ,and even wider/tighter depending on each villain, I would also expect some villains to have a pretty wide resteal range because it seems like a decent spot for it.

          Cheers, Chris.


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            Arty and ChewMe thanks a lot for your commnent and analyzis.



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