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1$ 45 man final table KK

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  • 1$ 45 man final table KK

    Hi everybody! This is my first post here and I want your opinion about this hand played late in the tourney, we were 3-handed. I had history with the villain, but I don't think it's really relevant here since everybody loosen up in this stage. I think I was so busy laying a trap, that I didn't realized what's happening until I was all-in. Actually, after his reraise on the flop, I put him on a flush draw, another pocket pair, AK or something between JT-AT, and I pretty much decided to check-shove the turn.
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    Don't min 3b. Make it 2.5x his raise (so 5k).

    Cbet sizing is fine. When he raises I don't see any reason not to shove on the flop with only 15k behind.

    If he has a T so be it. Not much we can do 25bb deep.
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      Against a 30% pre-flop range your ahead ~4:1 (they out flop you ~20%). Your min 3-bet gives them ~6:1 odds. You need to give your opponent opportunities to make mistakes and here you gave them the opportunity to make the right decision.

      By making it 5k to go they have to call 3k with about 8k in the pot for just under 3:1 odds creating the opportunity for them to make a mistake. Your bet should be as much as you think they will call while having odds less than ~3:1(accounting for a margin of error).

      Always remember the poker adage: You make more from your opponents mistakes than your good plays.

      Good decisions are +EV!


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        Originally posted by birdayy View Post
        Don't min 3b. Make it 2.5x his raise (so 5k).
        At the moment I feared that his raise or bigger it would scare to many hands out of the pot and I wanted to be paid.
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          Nothing you do should keep the short stack out. He should be MORE willing to get involved with both of you in the pot. So the only revalent question is how big a 3-bet will opener call.


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            Hi darkmancc

            Our preflop raise sizing NEEDS to be bigger, I'd make it at least 2.4x the size of his raise which would be 4.8. When we make it an extra 1k he's going to call you 90% of the time with his entire range which can consists of Ax hands and of course 10 9 type of hands that can potentially suck out on you.

            I'd have preferred to raise more preflop to induce him to either shove all in... or make an incorrect call.

            I do however like the way you played it preflop. Either jamming the flop or the turn is good but I think I prefer to shove the turn just incase he was bluffing you on the flop because we get extra value from him when he bluffs the turn this way.

            Nice hand, unlucky! Cheers, Chris.



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