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Early and middle stage SnG 3,50 Turbo Strategy

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  • Early and middle stage SnG 3,50 Turbo Strategy


    Just started playing poker after a long break and i think i have improved my game a lot in a few weeks. I played a lot of 1,50$ 9 turbos and a few 3,50$. I play the bubble and heads up very aggressive and often end up with good results.

    So im looking for advice and strategies on how to play in the early and middle stage. I often end up short stacked when the blinds are 50/100 because i have played very few hands and busts in 5-7 place about 60-70% of the time.

    So i would like so much information as possible, opinions and strategies, videos and links

    The blinds are 10/20 or 15/30 You raise 75-90 UTG or early pos. someone shoves. With no or little information on the player, whats your calling range? mine would be KK AA

    Should i start to maybe limp more when the blinds are 10/20 or 15/30 to get flush/straight draws, bluff pots etc.

    My main problem is to build myself a decent stack early and middle game, i think i play way to passive. Lost my bankroll today but gonna try again in next week with a more "strict" bankroll and play 3,50$ with about 20-25 buy inns.

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    Hi BLACKBUDDAH! The first thing that I see here is with bankroll management. To play a given level of game, I need 100 buy-ins in my bankroll. Anything less is asking to bust. I've had plenty of streaks of 25-35 games in a row that are losses, but with correct play, I can get a +ROI even with these... they WILL HAPPEN. Early in tourneys, I want to play tighter and be in pots, especially IN position. When getting into a pot, I'm going to be making standard raises to 3BB+1BB for each limper. I will NOT limp in, especially if I'm first in. Doing so gives the opps a +EV play and that is something that I want to avoid. Most of my busts in these have been in the 4-6 range, as I want to be attempting to get top 3 stacks, then to win the tourney. If I get a +EV chance to win chips, I'm taking it. For calling ranges, it will depend on the opps. I take notes on everyone I'm playing with, so that when I see them again, I will have an idea on how they're playing and can then react accordingly. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for reply

      I know it is maybe not many enough buy-ins, but if i bust it is not to big deal. I am going to wait with a bigger deposit when i feel my game is more stable. And i dont like to play these 1,50$ because i feel lots of people play way to loose, and it sometimes difficult to bluff pots. 3,50$ is still low but i have experienced its more tight. When you say you want to be in pots late position, what hands do you play with? I will start to take more notes and focus on 1 table at a time in the future.

      Thanks John and good luck


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        You don't want to bust early in a STT because of ICM. Play ultra tight and in position as JWK says but don't go broke pre flop with hands like AKo and 99. You don't want to be flipping until the bubble time. Try and see a flop rather than getting stacks in pre flop and take it from there.
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          Originally posted by BLACKBUDDAH View Post
          And i dont like to play these 1,50$ because i feel lots of people play way to loose, and it sometimes difficult to bluff pots.
          This is one you WILL need to get used to. This type of player is not limited to small tourneys. They'll be in everything, even large $$ live tournaments. In order to move up in stakes, you really need to learn to beat these players by being patient and by value betting.. not bluffing. It can be a freeroll or an $11 tourney or a $365 tourney or a WSOP... these players WILL be there and they're the ones that we need to learn to exploit.

          John (JWK24)

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