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Sunday storm

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  • Sunday storm

    Hi all, some queastions about my hand at the sunday storm.

    What was my misstakes?

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    Seems well played, dont know whos the opponents but if their kinda bad players who likes to play many hands you could shove it preflop, if you think they would call you off with AJ or something like that . Postflop was nice, he would get it in there with hes flushdraws as well so its fine


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      Thnak you, i just wondered if i made good moves or not, yes i could agrry with you that i could shove preflop, but i think i would call insstantly.


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        The way it played out, I think it's actually a tricky spot. A-Q is a tricky hand to play (up there with pocket Jacks), and can be difficult at times.

        Here, we have an utg raise and a caller. With the size your stack is (about 14bb, I think?), this is the perfect opportunity for a squeeze shove. The way you played wasn't terrible, and the result probably would have been the same either way, but I think that squeezing at least folds out a couple of hands, improving your chances of winning.

        EDIT: I just checked - you were actually over 26bb deep. So the way you played it was better - your stack's a bit big for a squeeze shove here.
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          Hi Tommy nolimt! With AQs from the button, I get a min-raise and a call in front of me. While I could call here (if I had a read on the opps and knew that I could outplay them postflop), I'm going to raise the majority of the time here. A standard 3-bet sizing is to between 3X the previous bet (900) and a pot-sized raise (1125). With multiple players already in the pot, I tend to go toward the top end of this range, so I'd bet 1125.... BUT... this is very close to making me pot-committed. It's not quite 1/3 of my stack, but it is close. Especially if I think that the opps could call light (no reads were provided) or could fold (where I would gain over 20% to my stack without a fight) then IMO, the best decision that I can make is to just go ahead and shove preflop. Another reason to shove preflop is that if I call and either of the blinds comes along, any standard bet on the flop will pot-commit me, so I'd have to shove anyway. Instead of letting the opp possibly see a card that can beat me, I want to make them commit their chips before they see it and also, by shoving preflop, I'll be maximizing my fold equity. Due to these reasons, I'm going to shove preflop with AQs from the button here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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