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how should i play this hand?

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  • how should i play this hand?

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    Short stack limps I have a little over 13bbs, unless i have specific reads for me this is an easy preflop shove.


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      I see nothing drastically wrong with your play. I'd raise to 2100 with a limper pre-flop, but that changes nothing.

      On the flop, a 1/2 pot bet is about 1/3rd your stack and you are calling a BB shove so shoving is fine. If BB calls they're committed and why give them a free card if they have an overcard or two or a draw.

      No bad decisions here. Next hand please!


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        All you can do is get your opponents chips in the middle when you feel you are crushing.

        You achieved not really sure if this is anything other than a bad beat post?


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          Originally posted by EmotiveKiwi View Post
          Short stack limps I have a little over 13bbs, unless i have specific reads for me this is an easy preflop shove.
          Same here. I'm jamming a few worse hands too, particularly if they don't flop so well. I'm quite happy to pick up the dead money without a fight, or be flipping vs 2 overs if villain limped something like AJ/KQ.
          As played, you're destined to go broke when villain sucks out. He's not folding TPTK however much you bet on the flop, so you just got unlucky.
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            The big stacks are out of the picture. No mention of this being a turbo and the players seem passive. We only pick up about 3BB if they fold.

            I'm not sure shoving pre is optimal, but it isn't wrong. If the opener can't find a fold pre-flop after getting into the pot, an iso-shove makes sense.

            Without knowing more (buy-in, tables dynamics, OP's relative skill, etc) it almost impossible to say one reasonable alternative is better than another.


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              This is easy shove pre. 0-20bb just play shove or fold


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                Hi blender803! With TT on the button, I get an opp that limps in front of me. With 15BB, I'm just going to shove here. If I make a standard raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, I'd raise to 2100... but I really don't want to have to fold off almost 1/4 of my stack if I get a bad flop.. so the best decision that I can make is to shove preflop. I don't want to raise to less than 2100, as this can give the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me... something that I want to avoid doing whenever possible. If I give them a +EV play and they win, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. If I see three undercards on the flop (my chips would already be in the middle), a standard bet sizing in a HU pot is 1/2 pot and since this bet definitely pot-commits me, I'm shoving. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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