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MicroMillions 76 - how could I have played better from the SB?

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  • MicroMillions 76 - how could I have played better from the SB?

    I felt the raise was ok, but gave up in the pot after my c-bet was called. Could I have played this better? Thanks Chris

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    Hi fant_fox372! With A9 from the SB, I get a limper in front of me. Depending on my read of how aggressive the opps are, I can either make a standard raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper (1400) or if the opps were aggressive, I could also muck. I don't want to raise to less than a standard bet however, as all this does is to bloat the pot when I'm out of position, as the opps will be getting the correct odds to stay with almost ATC. I see a HU flop OOP and get three coordinated unders. If I want to make a c-bet here (which I would do if I made a standard raise), a standard bet is 1/2 pot or 1500. I want to make all of my bets and raises standard, as it helps to conceal my hand and to keep telling a consistent story. The opp calls the flop bet and I miss the turn, I'm going to check here and hope to see a free river card. The same on the river. When I miss, I'm going to check and hope to get to showdown, since at least I have an ace. The one thing that could have been done better is the bet sizes. Preflop, too small of a bet says weakness. A larger than normal flop bet says strength, then checks on the turn/river say weakness, but showdown value. I want my bets to tell a consistent story, so that the opp won't know whether I'm bluffing or holding the nuts. With the opp holding TT, they probably wouldn't fold, but when the preflop/flop bets tell two different stories, I'd call the flop with TT too, as it looks like a bluff. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Everything is nice, but your cbet size is way too big. You should bet 1000-1200 in this flop i think. Hes calling ranges is same if you bet 1000 instead of 1800, all you do is saving yourself a 800 chips. If you bet 1000 at this flop and turn is like T/6 you could easily bet 2000 at turn since you pick up some equity and you can get him fold lower pairs/overcards and still have some pot control out of position. You kinda cant do that with betting 1800, pot gets way too big, youre out of position and when u pick up equity you wont be able to fire at turn, since guy might shove over it and u end up folding.



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