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Micrmillions #064 $3.30 should I have reraised allin?

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  • Micrmillions #064 $3.30 should I have reraised allin?

    Hi This is a spot im unsure about and we were near the bubble but I wasnt in the money places 1260 get paid im 1300th ish with 1500 left in Reads - A big stack had been moved to the table VP:33 PFR:33 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:100|100 3B:0| CB:100| Hands:9 I think i know 99 is a 3bet allin and probably 88 but is 77 ? and more importantly how can I decide? I dont think I had any fold equity so should I be taking this flip in this situation (I folded so dont know what he had) Busted shortly afterwards didnt cash when 99 ran into AA rolo edit replayer messing up a bit he raised UTG 1350 just so its does show that but then seems to show 600???...i havent included the result (everyone folded)
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    Tricky spot Rolo,

    I think I would have done the same as you. Yes I'm looking for spots to get those 10k chips in and start building a stake but,

    1. I want no one to have raised before I shove with my mid pairs or to have a premium pair (unless they are a.) a maniac napkin player or b.)a known raise fold to a shove player).

    Against a new player I think this was a good fold (but like you I'm keen to see what everyone else thinks.)

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      Hi grade b thanks appreciate your comments.

      Must admit though after folding I kept thinking should I have gone allin but with his stack I felt certain he would call especially as he had raised from UTG.....I wouldnt really have minded a flip but if he had a pp I was sunk


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        This big stack may be opening tighter as will have to call a shove from SB - will be priced in.
        If he is opening 20% then it is a slightly profitable shove if calls with three quarters of that range. But it is not profitable enough to warrant that shove. Even if villain opens 40% it is only going to make you around two big blinds in the long run. I would be folding here.

        Good fold in my opinion.


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          Hi Prof anumbup:d thank you


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            This should be bottom ranges shove unless you really think this guy opens tight. 33/33 stats id say guy is reg and is opening enghou there to shove in this spot. Also i would consider my table image in this spot, if this guy has seen you play 0 hands he aint having any info from you as well and guy has no reads if you shove there wide or not, but still, i would shove this.


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              ohh hi bunga thank you did feel it was a close spot at the time

              My basic HUD im not sure how to get the last just 9 hands but I think from my bad memory I had been very tight (not played a single hand in last 9) with this stack size and was waiting for a "spot"
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                Hi rolo! With only 9 hands and the opp opening from UTG, I'm going to assume that the opp is going to be stronger than a top 33% hand here. Yes, they may be trying to run over the table, but I don't have enough data nor the read to support this. If the opp had a stack size where calling a shove by me would do considerable damage to their stack (an increase in my fold equity), then I'd shove here, but since the opp is a large stack that can easily call me (I have little to no fold equity), I'm going to fold. If I had a read that the opp was playing a large number of hands to try and run over the table, I'd shove. If it had folded to me, I'd shove here. If this were after the bubble, I'd also shove. I also agree with Profess Awe, that the SB should be coming along VERY wide here if we shove and I really don't want to have to play a mid pair in a 3-way pot, as it will considerably lower my EV. While I'm happy to take risks near the bubble, considering that I'm not the first one in the pot and have very little, if any, fold equity. I'll pass and look for a better situation. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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                  Hi John Thanks for clear analysis Ive now looked at my stats and I had been playing tight...but did feel sure big stack woudl call so I had no FE Then again I wasnt goign to cash and had to try to balnace all of this in my mind...I should have used my timebank as I was unsure of the correct action Also ty for wishing me good worked umbup: although I hadnt read this when I did run good...1 hand river had to be a 4 for me to stay in MM#076 and it came 4! so i was freerolling i got 23rd out of over 23000 players for $83.79 I dont play many MTT so this was my biggest win on pokerstars (so far)...1st took down over $4600 for a $2.20 buyin not too shabby...I stayed up to watch it final 4 were all Germans and a supernova won it ....he had won the supertuesday $530 buyin recently for over $57000....he was at my table briefly so its all good experience At one point i somehow had 1/4 million chips sounds a lot but at the time of high blinds wasnt it was only 8 big blinds.....later I had 2 million but to put this in perspective someone had 21million !!....I was in 23rd with 23 left and im thinking of putting my bust outhand into the anaylsis forum as again im not sure I made the right call Didnt play today had to withdraw as game took 9 hour syeaterday and had played in mornign one earlier so body not use dto it guess I need to work on myfitness/stamina/ and exercise more ...even go tcramp once lol but luckily for me was at 6 minutes to thehour and 1 hand before a break Thanks guys rolo


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                    Originally posted by rolo834 View Post
                    i got 23rd out of over 23000 players for $83.79
                    Congrats! umbup:
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                      Awesome result, Rolo, congrats. umbup:umbup:umbup:
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                        ty ty

                        and ty to John as I think I am starting to play a bit better...scary though as I know lot of improvements stil to be made

                        Was exhausted next day after being on computer around 15 hours!!(had 2 hour break in between tournaments) a whole raft of tv to catch up on I even had to unreg for the 2 Saturday MM tournametns as no way could i do another possible 9 or 10 hour stint



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