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MicroMillions 045 $3.30 PNL HOLDEM

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  • MicroMillions 045 $3.30 PNL HOLDEM

    advice on hero action ? hanny
    Bracelet Winner

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    Crying,balling up into a fetal position and wailing like a banshee fold for me.

    All three players putting chips in the middle here I just think at least one of them is going to have a set here way too often for us to continue in the hand. And as dry a flop as this is I can definitely see either of the 2 calls being a slow played set,no way would I discount them holding that because they flat called here,board is relatively dry so a call here wouldn't be too misplaced a move (not MY preference,but still...).


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      hey moxie

      yeah, I was stuck at this point and wasn't sure how to play this,, wether to flat,, or to raise/shove

      if I flat, then its still a 4 way pot with no leads, if I raise,, how much should I raise?? if I raise , I think I need to raise 5x840 = 4200chips, but, then this would be more than a third of my stack, so, should I be shoving?,, or should I raise to just less than a third of my stack, i.e. 3495chips??

      wasn't sure which way to go, hence the request for some advice

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        Hi hanny! There's actually a really good lesson in this hand and it's a great example of why I ONLY want to make standard bets. Here's why..... With KK preflop, I get 3 limpers in front of me and I'm going to make a standard preflop raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, to 360. I do not want to raise to more than this, as it is a definite tell for a very strong hand. I want to make standard bets to conceal the strength of my hand. Players that bet more with better hands and less with marginal ones are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opponent... which is exactly what happens here. The preflop raise here screams large pair to the opps. I get a flop with 3 unders (imagine that since I have KK) and with 3 opps in the hand that already know that I have an overpair to the board, the SB leads out for an abnormally small bet of 1/2 pot. A standard bet with 3 opps is 3/4 pot and any bet less than this can price in a draw, especially an OESD if an opp has 78s or 45s. I now get BOTH other opps that call this bet. Here is why turning my cards face-up preflop is a huge problem. If my hand was concealed, I can now make a raise to price out the draws and since a standard 3/4 pot raise pot-commits me, I would shove the flop. HOWEVER, since I told the opps what I had by making too big of a raise preflop, I'm ONLY going to get a shove called by a better hand (two pair or a set). If my hand was still concealed, then I could easily get called by a draw or by 9x, but with exposing my hand preflop, all of these hands that I could have gotten value from, will muck to a raise. I also cannot bet less than a 3/4 pot raise, as this also gives everyone drawing the right odds to beat me.. so this is definitely NOT an option. Calling is also not an option for the exact same reasoning, I'm pricing in all of the draws by doing so. Unfortunately, I may be folding the best hand, but due to exposing my hand preflop, it's the best of my three really bad options for plays on the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          hey john! tks for the feedback,, I realised after making the flop bet that I had overbet by 30chips or so,, ,, and table was playing really loose so was really trying to isolate 1 or max 2 players,, was shocked when all 3 called, lol,, anyway,, for the above , I decided to shove and take a chance,, totally the wrong move now as I can see,, but, got lucky with just the 1 caller,,, tks once again hanny
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