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$1.50 9 Man Hyper (UTG spot)

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  • $1.50 9 Man Hyper (UTG spot)

    Shuv? Ads

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    Hey Ads! When I first saw this, my gut reaction is... this is really close. With that being the case, I went to my shove chart and for 4BB and 2 seats to the right of the button, here's the shove range that it has (42.7%) 22+, Ax+, K2s+, K6o+, Q4s+, Q8o+, J7s+, J9o+, T7s+, T9o, 96s+, 86s+ and 76s. I then went to an ICM calculator and here's what I got from it for a shove range.... 24.6%, 22+ A2s+ A3o+ K9s+ KTo+ QTs+ JTs T9s Since 96o is not on the list, I'm mucking and hoping that the next hand is better. If it was suited, I'd go with my chart and shove, but with it being offsuit, I need to muck. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      These spots are always quite tough. When you're so short it's tempting to shove whenever it's folded round to you.

      I would probably fold in this spot though - I like to shove with at least one high card - say a J or higher - this gives much better equity against the junk that will be calling you down.

      You also have one more chance to shove before the BB gets to you. You can even afford to let the blinds go through you if you keep getting complete rags. I think this is the Phil Hellmuth approach to short-stack play - and he knows a thing or two about winning tournaments!


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        2 seats right of the button,in this case,means UTG,,so pre-flop we have the worst position at the table and this being a Hyper pre-flop is everything,especially with our stack. With this garbage hand AND the worst position on the table this is an auto-muck for me.

        Yeah,we're short,but not quite desperately so,we can take the blinds once more before we blind off so that leaves us a few more hands at least. We're very likely to get a better spot than this,seeing as this is about as bad a spot,between both the cards and the position,that we can be in. Heck,we may even see two players bust before we're forced to do something (even though I wouldn't play for that,it does happen...).

        Hand this weak and with the worst position in a Hyper (first to act pre-flop...),I'm passing.



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