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When did Stars add the $1 standard blinds 180-man's and the .50 Turbo 180's?

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  • When did Stars add the $1 standard blinds 180-man's and the .50 Turbo 180's?

    I just noticed the $1 ones a couple of days ago when I was looking at IBNash's HA thread on a hand in question from one of them. At first blush in my head I was thinking..."Well this can't be from a $1 180-man like he says because those are Hyper-Turbos and the money is too deep at 15/30 like in the hand and there aren't any antes out to boot." So I went an looked and saw for the first time that Stars had added these beauties to the menu. Same payout structure...27 cash (15% of the field) and top prize is a tidy $49.26 for your dollar. Top 4 prizes are all good really,as 4th pays $12.12. Then I noticed the .50 Turbo 180's as well. Between these and the .50 360's that were added a while back Stars has majorly widened the .50 options for multi-table SNG players. Which to me is a great thing as I believe that SNG's this size are an excellent bridge game from SNG to freeze-out deep field MTT play.It's enough players to give you the feel of a large MTT,but yet few enough players that you'll see more bubbles,more mid-game play,more FT's than you would from just playing standard MTT's. So playing these can give you more experience to take with you to the MTT's and when you get to those spots you can have an edge against players who haven't the same amount of bubble and FT play. I would be more jazzed to play the $1 ones personally,as I think the .50's are a tad bit of a redundancy,seeing as they had already added the .50 Turbo 360's at that level. I never planned on playing 180's when US players get back here until the $2.50 level as I was put off by the $1 games being Hypers. But with standard blind offerings now I will defo hit these hard when the chance comes. Hell they're really slower than most anything at that buy-in level as it's 1500 chips top start with 15minute blinds. That's a nice structure for players who prefer non-Turbo games (me). The sheer volume of the offerings,which they constantly add to,is one huge reason Stars is the best site around.These are a great addition IMO. Unlike the crack-house in an abandoned factory sites Americans are reduced to playing now. Grind away monkeys. umbup:

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    The new games were introduced as a direct result of the meetings with player reps in October.
    Originally posted by PokerStars Steve View Post
    Sit & Go offerings are always a challenge. Liquidity is critically important for Sit & Go tournaments. While a player might correctly point out that if we were to offer their favorite new tournament type it would get plenty of players, the same argument could be made for a large number of variants. It’s critically important that we not offer so much variety that players are spread out too thin, resulting in long waits for tournaments to start.

    We were able to quickly accommodate one request made during the meetings for two new 180-player SNG, a $0.50 Turbo and a $1.00 regular speed.
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