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OESFD 3-way 45-man 25c SNG

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  • OESFD 3-way 45-man 25c SNG

    Villain 6 (CO): loose/passive 55/0/0.5/0 over 55h Villain 1 (SB): LAG 39/24/8.0/10 over 154h Flop an OESFD in a 3-way limp-pot. SB checked, and I decided to bet just over half-pot, because I didn't want it to get checked through. CO calls, SB folds and the turn brings a pair to go with our big draw. I reckon I'm ahead of a lot of the villain's limp/calling range, so I bet ~1/2 pot. Villain announces he has something with a min raise. I decide to call as we are getting a great price and 20 outs (if you count 8 for two-pair and 7 for trips). Is calling in this spot a mistake? Should we be looking to raise and get the money in?

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    I think you played the hand well on all streets. I would maybe be tempted to bet slightly bigger on the river to extract more value but I like the fact you played your monster draw aggressively on the flop and turn.


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      Hi Ibie_Broke ( nice screen name! )

      I like the way you played the hand. Betting flop is good as we want take the initiative in the hand and build the pot right from the get go.

      Your bet sizing on the turn is fine although I wouldn't make a bet any smaller than what you did, now when villain min raises us I would expect him to have some sort of 10x or some random pair and and a straight draw like 68 himself but I think that shoving all in would be a mistake.and I feel like it would be a mistake because it's such a high variance shove.

      If the effective stacks were smaller i.e if villain started the hand with 20iah big blinds rather than 35 big blinds then I think shoving the turn would be fine but when you're both as deep as you are there's no need to make the high variance shove because although we have a monster draw we only have once card to come and we're not likely to be miles in front of villains hand.

      You played the hand fine, cheers, Chris.



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