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1.10 regular tourney

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  • 1.10 regular tourney

    total players: 2600 starting chips:3000

    644 players remaining
    MP2 has stats 17/10 42 hand
    BTN has stats 14/14 14 hand
    is it ok to call with AKs?

    512 players remaining i decide to fold pocket 6s MP1.
    is it correct decision?

    330 players remaining i decide to fold pocket 7s after 3bet all in MP1. player has stats 25/25 4 hand.
    how i did it?

    300 players remaining MP1 decide to limp with 73 BB. i had pocket 9s with 22BB BTN. i thought if i re-raise i have to fold on the flop so i decided to go all in to put the pressure on him to fold but it didnt work well.

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    Hand #1 - I would actually 3bet to try and get V8 out of the hand. I would probably bet about 11K.

    I really don't like the river bet, you aren't achieving anything with it. All worse hands will fold and all flushes will call because the bet is so small, so you might as well check it down.

    Hand #2 - I like this fold with 40BB in early position and three shovable stacks (V5-V7) still to act.

    Hand #3 - Open-Fold 77 for exactly the same reasons as Hand #2. You are in such early position and asking to be shoved on.

    Once villain raises, you make a good fold - the 3bet shove from middle position is very strong bearing in mind he has a lot of players to get the shove through before he even thinks about what the early position raiser has!

    Hand #4 - You've still got 20BB and your M number is 10 - there is no need to go crazy. I appreciate that V8's play is terrible and you were a bit unlucky.

    I would raise in your spot - probably to 2500. It lets you see a flop in position when V8 calls and you still have plenty of room to fold if people start raising behind you or V8 decides to limp-shove.


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      Hi sapines1001! In the future, please only put 1 hand per thread. This way we can keep any conversations about a hand on-topic. With AK from the SB, I get a raise to 3BB, then a shove. With both of these opps being tighter and with it probably being a 3-way pot, I need to muck AK here since it's not a made hand. If I was up against only one opp, then maybe I can take a chance, but not with two. Also, if I do play the hand, I need to re-shove to try to isolate an opp... I don't want to just call due to AK playing much better in a HU pot. ------------ With 66 from MP, I need to have a read on the opps behind me here. I can very easily either make a standard raise to 1k or fold here and it will be determined by my reads on the larger stacks (how aggressive they are). If I do open to 1k, I'm going to need to be ready to call a shove from villains 4-7. -------------- With 77 from MP, I also either need to make a standard raise or fold. In almost all instances, I will make a standard raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper or 2k. I now get villain 4 that shoves. The 25/25 numbers do not help me here. The key number is their 3-bet %. If this is extremely wide, then I can call, but if it's a small %, then I need to fold (what I will do the overwhelming majority of the time). -------------- With 99 on the button, when I get a limp in front of me, since the stacks are plenty deep enough, I'm going to call behind here to setmine (although if the other opps could fold, I could also easily make a standard raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper or 2800). I do not want to shove, as a standard bet does not pot-commit me. When players overbet shove like this, they cause all worse hands to fold and only better hands to call... the exact opposite of what I want to have happen and is called being value-owned. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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