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$3.30 Saturday Micro JJ 40bb

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  • $3.30 Saturday Micro JJ 40bb

    He raised 4+x twice and showed down AA and KK.

  • #2
    Seeing him do it again with AA so was a good fold?


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      Normally I would 3bet small and fold to a shove.

      However if you think your read is reliable then of course it is a good fold!


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        Hi Affluenza! With JJ, I get an open to 660 (4.4x). With a made hand, I'm going to flat this in position and hope to see the flop. Yes, the opp may have done that with AA and KK in the past... but the key question is.. what is their entire range? Even if they're playing only a 4% range, JJ has the equity to be in the hand against a range of say 99+, AK+. If I was OOP, then I'd consider 3-betting, but since I'm IP, I'm going to flat and see the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          If you flat you may not get to see a flop - this is asking for a squeeze situation.

          Also what are we supposed to do when we face a 1500 bet on a 9-high flop (about 25% of our stack)?

          I much prefer the 3bet. We can get away from the hand without committing if villain decides to shove and if he calls, we are in position. We will also get him to fold a decent % of the time.


          • #6
            I was a little worried about that. The table has been playing like animals.

            His raise of 660, I 3bet around 30% of my stack? I wouldn't, best option at the time I thought was to fold.

            If I called there would already be 2k in the middle with 5k behind at at levels 75/150 with 40bb left should I not wait for a more favorable situation?



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