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Top two-pair in a multi-way pot early (25c 90 man SNG)

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  • Top two-pair in a multi-way pot early (25c 90 man SNG)

    UTG+1 limps, there is a raise to 4x from MP, two callers and I look down at A8 off suit in the BB. I wouldn't normally defend such a hand in the first level, but I was getting a good price (4.85:1 immediate). Limper calls making it five-way to the flop. Flop comes A 8 2 rainbow, giving us top-two on a dry board which I figured was the best of it (all four of them were really loose). I wasn't quite sure how I should play it. I elected to go for a check-raise; it was checked around, a tiny raise from MP (<20% pot), button calls and I raise 4x. It folds around to the button who puts in a min 3-bet. I thought a set would've raised sooner, and thought it more likely the villain held AK or worse two-pair, shoved over the top and he turns over deuces. What do you think of my play?
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    Hi Ibie_Broke! With A8o from the BB, I get a limp, standard raise (3BB+1BB for each limper) then 2 calls. When it's my turn, I need to muck this preflop. Yes, I have an ace, but I'm out of position and most likely outkicked by one of the opps (or behind a pocket pair). I need to be much tighter when I'm out of position, due to the big disadvantage that this carries, so I need to muck. If I saw that I flop 2 pair (which I would not), I absolutely cannot check the flop. I need to make a standard value bet and with 4 opps in the pot, a standard sizing is a pot-sized bet, so I will bet 410. I now get min-raised by the opp. This bet is very troubling IF the opp is tight, as it is a pot-committing bet, but they did not shove (IF they even knew they were pot-committed). Even with this though, I'm going to re-raise shove here with top 2 pair, as there are many Ax hands that I am well ahead of. Yes, it's unlucky that the opp had a set here, but I want to be getting my chips into this type of situation and it's a great example of why I need to follow good bankroll management and have 100 buy-ins before I play a given level of tourney. The keys with this hand are to muck preflop to the raise and to lead the flop if I happened to see it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      At such an early stage of the tournament, I'd be tempted to be super nitty and actually fold A8 Pre, despite the awesome pot odds we are getting.

      It is very rare that A8 encounters a good flop so most of the time you will end up folding anyway. I suppose you were unlucky that you hit it hard but villain flopped a set. I would actually be tempted to donkbet the flop - that flop could easily be checked around if the original raiser doesn't have an A.

      I suppose once you've check-raised, you're kind of obligated to go with it but I hate busting out of at tourney so early, particularly as doubling up doesn't actually increase your ROI on that tournament all that much.


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        So standard play with made hand multi-way is to bet out big (or shove if the bet is committing) with the intention of calling off. Thanks, I'll bear that in mind next time round .


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          It's not to bet out big.. it's to make a standard bet, which is to between 1/2 pot and a pot-sized amount, based on the number of opps and board texture.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Understood. So ~1/2 pot is std on a dry bd HU, increasing incrementally per opp. and bd coordination.

            EDIT Stupid question. If the flop brings two hearts, he can't possibly call our pot-sized bet with four to a flush. Our bet gives him 2:1 pot odds and he has ~18% chance to turn a flush. And if he misses he faces a decision for his stack on the turn.
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