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10 10 in the hole, KK7 flop: did i fall for the oldest trick?

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  • 10 10 in the hole, KK7 flop: did i fall for the oldest trick?

    did i play this correctly? this is the second time this guy does this to me.any advice? thanks Def
    Last edited by Deftouch; Thu Nov 07, 2013, 12:34 PM.

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    I don't know what type of game you are playing ( I am a cash gamer), but I think that since you were the one with the initiative in this situation, and the flop is now heads up, the texture of the flop is dry with only a flush draw, no straight draws, etc. I would c-bet this flop with my pocket 10s and re-evaluate on the turn if he calls. I think by not c-betting you are saying that you have missed the flop, and so therefore villain could be betting all sorts of hands that you could be beating to try and take down the pot. I think you would gather more information on the villain by c-betting the flop.

    I would assume that if he had QQ+, he would 3bet these - although that will be dependent on villain.

    For instance, If he calls your c-bet you can then start putting him on a range, e.g. flush draws, pocket pairs, also with in the back of your mind that he could be slow playing 55, Kx. I think there is so much that you could be dominating. By checking you could be allowing a fush drawing hand to see a free card.

    If he then raises you, you can re-evalaute and think then he may have the full house, a set, etc, possibly even a flush draw if he thinks you may have missed the flop as well, given that the board is dry and that you raised from a late position, possibly isolating a limper.

    I hope that helps.


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      thanks Pullin
      I was playing in $750 tourney and this guy has flat called and then re-raised the flop a couple of times, and when I called his bluff, he pulled a cooler on me and we swapped stack sizes, so i guess he had me a bit rattled, and I agree with you, i immediately regretted my check on the flop and should have c-bet
      yes your insight helps a lot next time i will make a better desision, this forum really helps
      all the best


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        Hopefully others respond, preferrably somebody who plays tourneys can help.




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          ** moved to NLHE Tournament Hand Analysis **
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            Hi Deftouch!

            With TT and a limp in front of me, I have two choices. I can either limp behind and hope to setmine or I can make a standard raise (3BB+1BB for each limper). The majority of the time, I'm going to limp behind, but I will also raise about 1/3 of the time.

            The flop brings a pair and a flush draw. Since I raised preflop, I absolutely need to make a c-bet on the flop. Since I'm in a HU pot, I will size my c-bet at 1/2 pot. I do not want to check the flop, as this gives the opp in position an opportunity to steal the pot from me. If I'm on the button here and the opp checks.. I'm making a standard bet (1/2 pot) whether I hit the flop or not. If the opp that checked can't beat trip K's, then they have to fold.. which is what will happen the overwhelming majority of the time.

            The turn is an undercard and if the opp called a flop bet, then I will check the turn for pot control (hoping to go to a cheap showdown if the river is not a T). If the opp makes a sizable bet, then I need to fold.

            The key point with this hand is that all hands need to tell a consistent story throughout and this one definitely does not. The preflop raise signals strength, the check/call on the flop shows weakness and so does the turn. By raising preflop, I need to follow thru on the flop and cannot check.

            Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.: Thumbup:

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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