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$1.50 45 man analise this

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  • $1.50 45 man analise this

    i thought you may be interested in seen this hand, the opp had been trying to play at me,what are your thoughts please..

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    Some general guidelines before I get to the specific hand:

    Early in a tournament - survival is the most important thing, followed by accumulating chips. You should be avoiding marginal spots as much as you can. Once you go broke from a tournament, that's it. If you double up, your ROI isn't actually increased all that much as the blinds will quickly catch up to you so it's just not worth taking the risk.

    ChewMe1 in one of his videos ( even says that he would avoid all-in spots where he was 65/35 favourite in the early stages of a tournament.

    Bearing this in mind:

    Preflop - Limp behind is fine, but this should be with the intention of folding unless you flop massive.

    Flop - The check-raise is only going to get you into massive trouble. It's such a wet board that it's relatively unlikely to get two folds and someone might have already flopped a monster. Just fold and let them two battle it out.

    Turn - Once Villain 8 calls on the Flop, you are right to shut down on the Turn.

    River - I don't like this call on the river - he's got to have a very specifically bad hand not to have you beat there, namely a busted baby-flush draw where he hasn't paired the board.


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      spand gives alot of advice but where i disagree is ...I would just fold this preflop have 8 high and are OOP


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        Fold pre.

        Check raise is terrible. Calling river is terrible.


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          I did not play the hand just looked at the starting hand.

          At this stage of the tournament I would fold 95% of the time, Bluff the other 5%if folded to me if I had notes on the BB who I KNEW to be a player for will fold to a steal.

          However it is too early to make a bluff profitable (but didn't want to put never).

          Even if a player is playing you, so what you have junk, you want a VERY STRONGto combat a player like that, make them pay...

          after all what are you hoping to flop here?

          5,7,9 rainbow would pretty much be the only safe flop for you.

          just let them have the whole 25 chips and play solid poker looking for good spots to exploit players who will fold to bluffs.

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            I think villain 4 folded the Nutz
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              Terrible by you on every street (save for the check on the turn).


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                Hi holdemace486

                We ought to fold the hand preflop because it plays terribly 3 handed and we are going to have to play the hand out of position.

                As played I'd fold flop. Check raising is disastrous. This is an extremely wet board that we have no piece of, our check raises will often be called by all sorts of hands like 10xQxand Kx and flush draws,gut shots, it's all out there!

                River call is bad. The entire hand is bad. Tighten up, we have no reason to get out of line like this

                Cheers, Chris.



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